The Plugins we use on our cluster

The ARK server API allows us to heavily modify the game in its core mechanics. Plugins used with this API are running on the servers only and do not affect your client at all, so you don't need to install anything to benefit from our plugins. In general there are two kind of plugins, those which help us support and administrate the server and those which add new functions for our players. This is an overview of all plugins that affect your gameplay and what they do.

Advanced Dino Color

This is a token based dino coloring system. You can buy these tokens as a Voting Reward or earn them through Patreon. Each token can be used to change the colors of one of your creatures. You can also save color sets for a dino, even those of wild ones, and reuse it on other dinos. The colors you chose for a dino can be passed on to any offsprings.

Check this guide to learn more about this plugin.

Anti PvE Griefing

This plugin stops PVE players from being griefed in different ways. First thing this plugin does is preventing you from being dragged by enemy player, only players from your tribe and alliances can move your logged out body. The other big feature it adds is that no enemy player can access your item cache or those of your tames, structures etc..

GD Modified Spawn Distribution

This is one of our selfmade plugins and it allows us to exactly set spawn level probabilities for wild dino. With this plugin we managed to have the same perfectly balanced level distribution among our maps, none of the maps is better than another. In Vanilla there are some maps that offer way higher dino levels than the canon maps, we did not want that anymore, each map should be the same. Our solution is now buffed in comparison to Vanilla Island but not as easy as Vanilla Ragnarok.

Gender Changer

Another token based plugin that allows you to change the gender of one of your creatures. This does not work on neutered creatures. You can buy these tokens as a Voting Reward or earn them through Patreon. On top of that you get one Gender Change Token for every 42 votes in the same month, allowing you to earn two free tokens each month.

Check this guide to learn more about this plugin.

Items Plus

This is one of the main plugins for our cluster, you can configure nearly everything that has to do with items. We use it to reduce the weight of resources (check this list for more details), block some items like the Genesis 2 Federation Armor from certain maps, limit crafts on blueprints, manage uploads while travelling to reduce buffer overflows and upload tributes so you can transfer them to other maps. Be aware that tributes might despawn if you cannot farm them on the maps they are stored.


This is an easy one, it kills you if you send "/suicide" to the ingame chat. Helpful in more situations than it should be.

Tribe Log Relay

With Tribe Log Relay you can configure a webhook for your tribe so it will send all tribe log entries to your private discord. This way you never miss anything, have a long history of your tribe log and will even be tagged on important events.

Check this FAQ to learn more about this plugin.