Voting Rewards

Voting Reward Price Remark
Ascendent Items (Armor, Saddles, Weapons)depends on ItemIngame Reward Vault
Max level creatures depends on creature class Ingame Reward Vault
1x Dino mindwipe 50 ARc Ingame Reward Vault
Mindwipes your dino! This consumable allows you to redistribute stat points of your tame.
3x Levelboost 40 ARc Ingame Reward Vault
5x XP for 5 minutes, works on players and dinos.
Consuming multiple Levelboosts will extend the timer.
5x Speedboost 20 ARc Ingame Reward Vault
Increased movement speedfor 15 minutes, works on players and dinos
Speed depends on creature class (up to 200%)
Consuming multiple Speedboosts will extend the timer.
8x SuperStim 25 ARc Ingame Reward Vault
Wakes up any knocked out creature after 20 seconds. Useful if a tame went wrong.
5x Weightboost 20 ARc Ingame Reward Vault
Max weight by x5 for 10 minutes, works on players only.
Consuming multiple Weightboosts will extend the timer.
Transfer of Elements
(1k Element, one server to another)
50 Ghost Coins Ticket
No transfer out of Genesis: Part 2
--> open Ticket, add source and destination (map, coords, inventory)
Dino Color Tokens 1x 50 Ghost Coins

3x 120 Ghost Coins
Check Dino Color Tokens
Gender Change Tokens 1x 75 Ghost Coins

3x 180 Ghost Coins
Check Gender Change Tokens
EVENT: GD Dungeon
300 Ghost Coins Ticket
Run the GD Dungeon with 2-5 players of your choice
Gains access to the eventserver for 24h

Only one GD Dungeon event event per day
Payment in GC only (can be split among multiple users)
EVENT: Scavenger Weekend
1000 Ghost Coins

Dino scan active
Permanent Lio Buff
Doubled Shiny spawns

Max. every 4 weeks
Only one event per weekend
Payment in GC only (can be split among multiple users)
Dino 100% Imprint 100 Ghost Coins Ticket
We will not change imprint player.
Only available for breedable dinos.