Shiny! Dinos

Steam Workshop: Shiny! Dinos (ID: 2016338122)

Shiny Dinos are the rarest and most desirable creatures on our cluster. Their colourfulness, their glow and their effects make them unique companions on your adventures. Some rare specimens even offer you new functions or other buffs.


  • a single shiny spawns every day on every map
  • when a new shiny spawns, old shiny despawns if it's not killed or tamed already
  • killing or taming a wild shiny doesn't make a new one spawn
  • if a wild shiny is somewhere on the map, you will see notification
  • shiny dinos spawn on levels 130 - 150
  • tracker and coordinates are disabed
  • killing shiny dinos doesn't unlock tekgrams
  • shiny dinos are tamed just like regular dinos
  • radioactive variant is disabled
  • enraged shinies spawn on 3x higher level than normal
  • enraged shinies can't be tamed, but they drop 1 raw essence when killed
  • collect 3 raw essences, learn the engram and craft shiny prod - poke a wild shiny with it and kill within a minute - then you can collect its essence
  • you can apply collected essence to your tame of exactly the same class (example: stego essence can be applied to stego, but not tek stego)
  • essence can be collected only from shinies with special abilities (frozen, burning, tardis etc)
  • this way you can get shiny wyverns and other dinos obtained from wild eggs
  • shinies can be bred and cloned, but only their colors and stats will be copied, the special buff will be lost

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