Our Concept

The Ghost Division has been hosting Ark Servers since 2015 and we have gained a lot of experience over the years, both as players and as server hosts. We examined extensively how Ark works and have continuously optimized our servers with selected mods and plugins, which we also develop ourselves if necessary. With GhostData, our highly customized version of ArkBot, we can offer our players a variety of functions and overviews as the perfect companion app for your ingame life. It also includes many tools for our team so we can offer optimal and fast support.

We use all our knowledge and expertise to provide a very special Ark experience to our players at Ghost Division. Our vision is to host long running servers that satisfy every kind of Ark player. We aim to implement challenging gameplay while adding enough quality of life changes to still be fun. Our current concept is based on 7 years of experience as a server host and countless hours of Ark gaming - this allows us to create the perfect environment for the ideal Ark gameplay.

To give you some insight and understanding on what we aim for we have compiled all the important information about our concept here.
New players
We are a multinational community and welcome everyone regardless of race or belief. We pay great attention to a friendly and respectful environment and are happy that our community is very open to new players. You can quickly make friends here, whether it's by collaborating ingame, doing boss fights together or just by chatting and helping each other with tips and tricks. Our main platform and a place where you can always meet like-minded people is our Discord. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced survivor, we support all players with our FAQs and guides. You can also reach out to the team with a support ticket.
Support / Team
We support our players in and around Ark in different ways. If you need support or want to contact the team directly you can reach out to us via the ticket system. We have optimized our support options with GhostData and various plugins so we can solve almost any problem and answer any question quickly.
If you have any suggestion regarding our cluster or the project you can present it in our suggestions forum. That way other players can join in on the discussion and we can get a good overview about the community's opinion. All sugesstions will be eventually discussed in our meetings.
The highest level tameable wild creatures can reach is 150 (or 190 for wyverns/rock drakes etc.) on our cluster. Each creature when tamed, or bred can be strengthened with up to a hundred level points. There are no gachas on our server as we want our players to actively participate in all aspects of the game. To prevent this change from feeling like a grind, we have trivialized resource farming through increased rates, a special weight potion that lets you carry more things for a short period of time, and custom weight and stack sizes for each resource. Stryders are also blocked on our servers (except during the community hosted farming event) as they gather ludicrous amounts of resources that would render even gachas redundant. The stryder would also make a large number of resource harvesting creatures used far less than normal.
Taming / Breeding
We have adjusted the level distribution for wild creature spawns to ensure that high level creatures can be found on all the maps with the same frequency. If you like hunting and taming the rarest creatures on our servers we have added the Shiny! Dinos mod especially for you. Those mysterious creatures provide you with extra style and even some useful buffs. Can you catch them all?!
With our increased breeding rates you can mutate your creatures and build armies of devastating monsters to master every challenge. To make breeding a little easier we have the N+ hatchery, which automatically collects eggs, and the soul terminal, which can trap newborn babies. Coupled with the egg incubator, you can organize your breeding and stay well within the soul limit on a specific map. On the other hand some imbalanced mod features like the N+ Nanny are disabled so players still need to work for that extra buff on their favorite creatures.
With our increased farming rates we make sure that gathering resources is still essential but fun and not a grind. Since different maps offer different resources we also made some changes to ensure the rarest goods are equally distributed among the cluster and players don't get an advantage hidden behind a paywall. On Genesis 2, the map with the highest density of resources, we lowered the farm rates a bit. Mutagen is explicitly not affected by this since Genesis 2 is the only map that provides this rare resource. We also adjusted the weight and stack sizes for most resources, in a way that prevents conflicts with mods and future additions to ARK.
Loot Rework
Our custom loot is one of the most important parts of our concept. We have adjusted the loot quality, distribution and quantity for all loot sources around the cluster which has a big impact on gameplay. Bossfights are now a lot more lucrative, yielding element as well as end game goodies. This includes tek structures, weaponry, gear, and blueprints for the same. Missions on genesis 1 and 2 are balanced now and dish out useful items with balanced quality. OSDs, fishing and crates purchased for hexagons from HLNA have been brought in line with our loot concept, too. There is no single best source for high tier equipment. Even our filler items have been adjusted so you will no longer get the same structure blueprints all the time and instead will be rewarded with consumables, resources and other useful trinkets! Our aim is to offer good loot for good challenges so everything the game offers is worth the effort.
The quality of our loot is also balanced to our settings. Ascendant or even capped items are rare and something to cherish. Our item caps are way higher than on official servers. You can reach your objectives with the loot you obtain while also being able to get the really good stuff if you are willing to work for it. With our loot rework and a limit on blueprints to only have 20 crafts it is always necessary to be on the lookout for blueprints and experience the thrill of the hunt.
Surviving on GD
You can unlock a total of 250 levels with all necessary achievements. Our XP curve is a bit flatter, so you don't have to spend hours grinding resources to get ahead. You can unlock all engrams, so lone survivors and small tribes can still learn and craft everything. We want to offer something for everyone, so we have various additions such as our building and decor Mods which allow players to use a variety of designs and construction methods to create unique buildings. The Auction House serves as our in-game market. Combined with the forum and Discord marketplace there are several possibilities to trade with other players. As part of our Voting Rewards we also offer several consumables that make your daily life easier. With our adjustments in player and dino levels, item caps and taming, breeding and harvesting rates we want to make sure everyone can master nearly every challenge of Ark, no matter how big your tribe is.
Tools and more
With GhostData we offer you an well-rounded tool that gives you an overview of your structures, tames, auctions and breeding lines, even when you're on the go. GhostData is our version of Ark Bot that we have heavily customized, optimized and expanded. This has allowed us to create technical solutions for most ingame problems faced by both our players and our admins. Players can kick themselves off the server if their game crashes and the character still counts as online. Lost dinosaurs can be located quickly and easily. Our players can have their Ghost Coins which they earn by voting exchanged for in-game currency (ARc) by themselves. It really offers a lot and is constantly being improved by us.
We also offer the possibility to export your tribelog onto your private Discord. That way you will always be notified of important events, even when you're not playing.
Events created by the team take place regularly on our event server and give you the chance to win awesome rewards. These include jump and runs, mystery dungeons, races or zombie kill weekends with including high score lists. In our forum we are also happy to receive suggestions from players and try to implement them as an event if many players are enthusiastic about it.
We also have various events which are available as a voting reward and sponsored by our community with Ghost Coins. Each event buffs a different aspect of gameplay. In addition to higher rates, some events offer various content for a limited time that is normally not available like Wild Dino Scan during taming events and the Tek Stryder on Genesis 2 during farming events. These events are hosted on weekends, with sufficient information posted well in advance of the event weekend. For more information on these events check out our Voting Rewards page.
Voting Rewards
You can earn nine Ghost Coins every day by voting for our servers. This ensures that our cluster remains easily visible in the server list and attracts new players. That means that voting is very important for a healthy server population.
To give you more incentives to vote, we reward every single vote with 3 Ghost Coins. Ghost Coins can be used to buy Voting Rewards. It is also the main currency for trading after exchanging them into the in-game currency. On top of that you also get one Gender Change Token for every 42 votes within a month. You also can win blueprints in the voting lottery if you are among our top voters. We also host a special Buffed Loot Event if we manage to reach the top three places in the voting list as a community!
You can find more information in our FAQ.
Check out our Trailer for the current concept (May 2021)