eco's Decor mods

Steam Workshop: eco’s ARRRRP Decor (ID: 2632699523)

Steam Workshop: eco’s Tek Decor (ID: 816908578)

Steam Workshop: eco’s RP Decor (ID: 741203089)

Steam Workshop: eco’s Garden Decor (ID: 880871931)

Steam Workshop: eco’s Stable Structures and Decor (ID: 1091147617)

Our cluster also has a lot to offer for interior ARKitects. With a selection of the best Decor mods for Ark, our players can not only build huge huts, but also decorate them. A vast selection of furniture and home accessories are waiting to turn a base into a home. Each mod has its own focus, ARRRRP Decor and RP Decor are mostly used for furniture and indoor decorations. Garden Decor allows you to create nice surroundings for your base. Tek Decor brings a lot of futuristic items and Stable Structures and Decor centers around a wild west setting including a complete tier of structures.


  • All decor mods are available after reaching level 50.
  • Community and Bad Boxes are disabled
  • Tek Decor generator is disabled