Dino Storage v2 and Remove Cryopods

Steam Workshop: Dino Storage v2 (ID: 1609138312)

Steam Workshop: Remove Cryopods (ID: 1896198862)

Instead of vanilla cryopods we are using the popular mod Dino Storage v2 in combination with the mod Remove Cryopods. Dino Storage allows players to catch their creatures and store them in soul balls. Compared to Vanilla Cryopods the mod offers a lot of settings to configure its behaviour, is more secure in terms of backups and there is no cryo sickness or spoil timer. It also adds some awesome tools like a soul finder and the Soul Gun that allows you to catch your dinos you cannot reach.


  • Newborn Auto Trap: You can configure one soul terminal to catch newborn creatures automatically, never again let your baby dinos starve to death!
  • Tek Stryders cannot be souled during farming events
  • All settings on a creature (Ally looking, Mating, Stance etc.) will be stored aswell
  • No dino releases in caves and boss arenas
  • max. 1000 souls per tribe and map allowed