Nominal Structures (N+)

Steam Workshop: Nominal Structures (N+) (ID: 2163820397)

Nominal Structures (N+) is an evolution of StructuresPlus (S+) and offers countless QoL improvements for the game. Improved structures with customizable appearance, various tools that make building more pleasant, personal teleporters, transfer tools or the inventory assistant are just a selection of what awaits you with Nominal Structures. In addition, the mod allows us to adapt the game perfectly to our concept through a large selection of settings.


  • Foundation support increased by two ceilings.
  • Water intakes can be placed everywhere, no water needed.
  • Charge Injector can be powered by Tek Generator.
  • Lowered cloning costs (not active on Gen 2)
  • No Tek Generator, Shield and Teleporter on platform saddles.
  • Dino scan is disabled. It is enabled during taming event.
  • Vivarium only produces eggs and feces.
  • Cloned and neutered dinos cannot be cloned.
  • No personal teleport beacon in caves.
  • Adjusted item list for resource pulling and dedicated storages.
  • Increased range for resource pulling.