TCs Auto Rewards

Steam Workshop: TC's Auto Rewards> (ID: 1260983937)

"TCs Auto Reward" is our ingame shop where you can buy different things like dinosaurs or items for ARc. It's an addition to our Voting Rewards, you can place down a reward vault in your base, transfer your Ghost Coins to your ingame account and buy stuff you desperately need. You can also get ARc Bars from the vault, which are the main currency for trading ingame. If you want to learn how to use the Reward Vault check this link.


  • No playtime bonus, currency can only be generated through voting.
  • Maximum amount of ARc in your account is 10.000.
  • Account balance of players are being synced within the cluster.

If you have more questions about voting rewards and how to get ARc check the voting section in our FAQ.