Frequently Asked Questions

If you need support, please create a support ticket.

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  • General

    • Where can I find the correct server IPs?

    • Which mods do I need to play on the servers?

    • Which hardware do you use?

    • How do you protect against DDoS attacks?

    • I didn't receive an activation email, what can I do?

  • Structures & Timer

    • What do the timers on my dinosaurs and structures mean?

    • What is the timer for the different materials?

    • What happens when the timer reaches 0?

    • How can I reset my timers?

    • What if I go on vacation?

  • Support

    • How can I contact an admin?

    • What if I lost items/ dinos because of a bug/ rollback?

    • Can you help me to find my dinosaurs/ structures?