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It's very important to us to provide the best possible game experience to all our players. Because of this we are using the best available hardware to host our ARK: Survival Evolved gameservers. We are running a maximum of 5 gameservers per machine. Each machine has an overclocked i7-8700k at 5,0GHz, 64GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM and 2x 480GB NVMe SSDs with RAID 1 configuration.


Our forums is the first stop if you need help or want to report a player who is breaking the rules. It's also helpful to share your personal feedback and suggestions - for example mod wishes - with the Ghost Division team. The forum is also used to announce all the upcoming updates and changes to our gameservers as well as for community surveys where we would like to know your opinion.


We are offering 24/7 support for all our players on the Ghost Division gameservers. You can use different ways to get help: You can use our teamspeak server to get in direct contact with a supporter or server admin OR you can use the forums to open a ticket. Often the forums is the better way to get in contact with us, since we are not always available in the teamspeak.

Multi Language

All Ghost Division gameservers are open for all players in the world. It doesn't matter where our players come from, as long as they follow the rules. We demand that every player has respect for other nationalities and religions. Same time we also demand that the global chat is kept in english or german language only. You are allowed to use the local or tribe chat for other languages.


The Ghost Division project and most of its gameservers are available since end of 2015. We are proud to have built up a large and active ARK: Survival Evolved community with several successful gameservers that are online for more than three years already. We will continue to work to provide you - our community - the best possible game experience to make you happy!

Voting Rewards

To make sure that the Ghost Division community and its gameservers are continue to grow, we need your help. You can vote for our servers to help us getting a top rank in the global ARK: Survival Evolved toplists. As a thanks, we are giving out Voting Rewards for voting regularly. The Voting rewards will be better the more votes you collect.

DDoS Protected

Gameservers are often targeted by so-called DDoS attacks. This is done by sending a large amount of data to bring the gameservers to lag or even crash. Therefore we are using ARK: Suvival Evolved optimized game DDoS protection layers to filter bad data. We are usually getting 3-5 attacks per day, but all attacks are filtered without any bad impact on our gameserver latency.


ARK: Survival Evolved is an heavy work-in-progress early access game that is getting patched regularly - somtimes several times a day. In addition the mods on our servers are receiving updates too. Therefore we are using automatic mod updates to allow players to join at any time and with the newest version of the game or the mods that are available.


We think that the most important aspect of hosting gameservers is to provide the best possible stability. That's why we only use continuously updated mods and stable server settings. We always check how we can improve the stability of our servers and also consider the pros and cons before adding new mods or making any other changes to the gameserver.