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Welcome to The Ghost Division

Our Cluster
Are you looking for a competitive and fun ARK: Survival Evolved adventure? Then you struck gold!! Ghost Division servers were launched in 2015. We have been around since the very time ARK was released. We offer a balanced ARK gameplay in a friendly and welcoming environment. Whether you’re new to the game or the ultimate survivor, a solo survivor slugging it out on your own or a well-blended band of game beaters, our concept has room for everyone. To give you an overview of our cluster, we have put together all important information for you. Take a gander at it, join us, and become a part of the Ghost Division Community!

Our Community
Our community is extremely welcoming and hosts players from all around the globe. You can find posts for trading, suggestions and discussions on our forums, where all members of our community are encouraged to interact with each other. It is also a repository and notice board for information about upcoming events, voting polls and team announcements. Our Discord is the perfect place for community activities like trading, sharing of funny ARK moments or asking for help. We also have different channels with useful information like the current status of our servers, latest patch notes and urgent announcements.

Need help?
We’ve published detailed guides on most things we have on our cluster. You can find them for mods, cluster specific goodies, community events, common ARK problems, gameplay advice, and even voting. Our FAQs ought to cover most issues people usually face. Have a look and see if you can find a solution for whatever issues that may be plaguing you. If you still need assistance you can reach out to the team by making a ticket. We are always on hand and happy to provide any assistance we can!

Support The Ghost Division
You can support our project in different ways. Voting for our servers helps us maintain a healthy population on our cluster. We offer several rewards that you can obtain by voting. Ghost Division is a community funded project. As we don’t offer pay2win we rely on donations to keep this project running. You can support us by donating directly to our project or join our Patreon which also gives you perks such as special rank on all our platforms, free tokens, and being spared from inactivity cleanups.