The Ghost Division - Rewards

Steam Workshop: The Ghost Division - Rewards (ID: 1883429079)

The Ghost Division Rewards is our very own mod we use to add customized rewards for our players. There are several potions that give you different buffs to be faster, carry more weight or gain more experience. It also offers soups to mindwipe your dino or wake up any knocked out creature. On top of that our admins have access to GD Oilpumps and GD Gas Collectors, special unlocked versions of the vanilla structures that produce a littler faster. We place these on all spots so all players have a secure oil/gas supply and no tribes can block these ressources. You can buy the consumables ingame in the Reward Vault.

ItemPrice per pack
Number of items in pack
Dino mindwipe50 ARc
1Mindwipes your dino! This consumable allows you to redistribute stat points of your tame.
Levelboost40 ARc
3Drinking it will increase your experience multiplier by x5. The effect lasts 5 minutes. Consuming multiple potions will extend the timer, but multiplier stays the same. Works on players and dinos.
Speedboost20 ARc
5The potion increases player and dino movement speed for 15 minutes. For players the speed multiplier is x2, for dinos it depends on species - but max is x2. Works on flyers as well. Drinking multiple potions increases only timer.
SuperStim25 ARc
8If a creature is knocked out, it will wake up 20 seconds after consuming this potion. Useful when a dino gets hurt while being tamed.
Weightboost20 ARc
5Increases your max weight by x5 for 10 minutes. Effective only on player characters, doesn's work on dinos.

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