How to use the Reward Vault

The ingame reward vault (provided by TCs Auto Rewards) is the place to go after you have exchanged your Ghost Coins into ARc - click here if you need help with that exchange. You can buy ingame rewards like creatures or items or you can get ARc Bars for ingame trading. This is a small guide on how to use the reward vault.

Get started:

Craft and place a reward vault (available with level 5), open the inventory and click reward menu.

This is the main overview of the reward menu:

  • You can see the available ARc of your account here.
  • This is a list of all categories.
  • After clicking a category you can see the available packs,

Buying rewards:

After selecting a pack you will see all available items/creatures of that pack. Mostly you need to change some settings in that overview to get what you came for.

  • Here you can see how many items you get per purchase. You can only purchase a pack if Current Quantity and Maximum Quantity are equal.
  • You can edit the numbers in this part. If you want a Tek Rex you need to set the Tek Quetz to 0x and the Rex to 1x.
  • Don’t forget to set your desired gender if you are buying a creature.
  • This is basically the bill for the purchase.

After clicking on purchase the Item/creature will be added to the reward vault inventory. If you bought a creature you will find a consumable in the vault. As soon as you consume it the creature will spawn in front of you.

Be careful when buying creatures !!!

  • You need to use the consumable within 15 minutes after buying it or it will spoil!
  • Water creatures need to be spawned in water with enough space and depth!

Buying ARc Bars:

  • If you want to exchange your ARc into bars you can find the right packs in the Misc category.
  • You can carry these bars as an item and trade them with other players.
  • If you consume them they will be added back to your account in the vault.
  • Each ARc Bar is worth 10 ARc, each ARc is worth 1 Ghost Coin.

If you have further questions about Ghost Coins and how to get them check our FAQ.