GD Paintball Event

  • Dear Survivors,

    thank you for joining our first paintball event. We hope you had a lot of fun painting our arenas. Now that we are done cleaning up that mess you made we were finally able to determine the scores and your prizes. The points for each team has been calculated from the rankings of each match.

    With a total of 13 points Team Red was able to secure the 4th place.

    With a total of 21 points Team Yellow came in as 3rd place.

    With a total of 26 points Team Blue was a close follow up and landed on 2nd place.

    With a total of 28 points Team Purple won our hearts and the tournament with precision and artistic creativity.

    But now to the most important part, your prizes:

    Team Red: Mastercraft blueprint of choice (no Tek)

    Team Yellow: Mastercraft blueprint of choice (no Tek), Chibi of choice

    Team Blue: Ascendant blueprint of choice (no Tek), Shiny Essence for Shoulder Pets with special ability

    Team Purple: Ascendant blueprint of choice (no Tek), Shiny Essence (Shinobi, Endurant, Holographic, Lunar, Rubber or Shoulder Pet with special ability) for dino of choice

    All participants also receive 10 dino color tokens!

    Please open a ticket with your chosen prizes including the map, ccc coordinates and Pin code for a box to deliver your prizes to. We also summarized the special abilities of all available Shiny! buffs at the end of this post. You can also check the Shiny! Dino mod page for more detailed information.

    Thank all the contestants for participating in our event, it was a real blast and we are looking forward for more paintball stuff with future updates of that awesome Paintball mod!


    Available Shiny! Essences:

    Shinobi dinos are especially sneaky. Predators will have to get very close before they will even notice the Shinobi.

    These dinos can sprint indefinitely without losing stamina. (Attacks and any special abilities that would normally drain stamina will still do so.)

    Those dinos grant their rider the ability to detect threats, identify their companions, and find precious high-level dinos for taming!

    Lunar Dinos manage to partially defy gravity, and move as if they are on the moon. Jumping and bouncing in low gravity!

    This is more for style and fun. Dinos have a special color pattern and bounce like a rubber ball. Does not make much sense on dinos that cannot jump like flyers.

    Special abilities for shoulder pets:

    Reduces the weight of items in the player inventory
    Reduces water consumption
    Slowly restoring your stamina, even when moving or swimming
    A floating light illuminutes its surroundings
    You are hidden from wild dinos, greatly reducing aggro range
    The natural pesticide produced by these Shinies keeps insects away
    Slowly restoring your health