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    My best memory of the time here on GD was the mostly positive contact with many other people all over the globe through trading. It was a lot of fun to learn new things in Ark, to fight the bosses, farming resources etc. and above all to spend time with the people in my tribe or alliances, many of whom I grew very friendly with.

    Thx a lot!

    Point of View from a former Member of the Team:

    All about the Level 1 dino thing was bad because they were brought first into this server in the past in a non-legal way if you believe the rumours about (and yes i know there is also a legal way to do it and i am also sure that some have also done this legally).

    I'm not judging anyone, but if you were to look at it according to the rules, in this way some has done it, it was taking advantage of a glitch/bug in the game.

    Greetings Mschmidi

    I'm solo too and i don't always have time to get food for all the gacha's or even build up enough space for them. Also farming lots of stone is easely doable as said. would be awesome if ankylo indeed had such thing. i know there is this mod wich enables auto farm on any dino without the weight. but the point is not only solo players will use that :P so huge tribes will still remain further huge than we solo players will be. Also i must have missed something but how do u farm with a transmitter? :O

    you farm the stuff you want, drop it down, whip it in your inventory and upload it to the transmitter, back in your base you download it again. I dont know if it also work with put them on AH and cancel the Auction back at home. Of course, large tribes always have an advantage over solo players (starts easy with more play time), but then you can't play alone if you feel disadvantaged by that. There are certainly a few trustworthy and nice people you could join together with.


    So, do i think you need more mods to make solo easier. No, i dont think its that diff right now just play and enjoy the community

    SirRecall :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    marioadirato and Orion314 especially on Abberation Map, ccc coords are really helpful for @owners and @admins to help you and the community.

    how it works:

    open console and type ccc after paste inside your forum post (should look like this: 20047 -26905 -17011 -38.24 -29.32). helps us to be able to directly teleport to the location.

    Greetings Mschmidi

    The output of Dino's in relation to gender was always meant to be random and is unlikely to change as it goes against the concept.

    Why are Level 1 Dino's needed again? :/

    Greetings Mschmidi

    As far as I know, the transfer was never intended as a two-way functionality. It was always meant to be a one-way street so as not to compromise the harmony of the cluster (dont forget that we also had a PvP Cluster with same Values). However, since we are now talking about an extremely long cluster and a very strong decline in values has taken place, there would generally be nothing against a change, BUT a good cluster runs with active players, i.e. active voting, full servers, high population, a lot of interaction. If you open the transfer in both directions, you also open the door to turn the many arcbars into GC really easy and they would then be safe for all time from my point of view. But if you have to log in again and again to not lose your many arcbars (ticket/patreon functionality excluded) you contribute to keeping this community alive. And you also have to make an effort to find people who will trade arcbars with you. The reason why you have 20-50% extra arcbars offers is precisely because there is far too much of them in circulation. Personally, I am therefore against a change.

    By the way, not the one who shouts the loudest is right.

    Greetings Mschmidi

    As the title "Taming Pens [PvE]" suggests, this is primarily about the possibility of reporting them outside of our ticket system. Unfortunately, leaving taming pens behind is one of the biggest problems of Ghostdivision servers. We also ignore that one or the other report is not about sharing abandoned taming pens to be helpful for the community. The current topic goes beyond this title and I will not comment further. From my personal point of view, it is almost impossible to somehow not block any kind of metall spots on Abberation. Nevertheless, everyone should always try to block as little as possible (e.g. by use of normal feeding trough, higher building spot). Greetings Mschmidi

    It is the responsibility of each player to take care of his or her own things, especially to abide by the existing server rules ( And we support everyone by giving them the opportunity to check there Ghostdata (

    We have already one rule: "Parking dinos outside of bases is forbidden. We will remove these dinos without warning." (Skiff counts as Dino/Outpost, same as Raft and should be parked at base after use).

    I don't want to say that I am against such a channel, but in the matter itself it changes little. Because I think someone who doesn't care about picking up his "skiff" won't look at such a channel or Ghostdata either. Therefore I think it is right if we remove such dinos/items. And we have no problem processing the tickets.