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    1. What? I've got far worse pc than you and i didn't experience something like that. Kinda false argument
    2. Like i said before, with decreased rates on gen2, they wouldn't farm much. They would make everything quicker, that's all. Also you can compare them to gachas... cmon mate. There is a way to make them balanced, otherwise they wouldn't even appear on farming event.

    Iv been playing ARK since legacy and farming lag has been a thing since then (infact its one of the first videos i ever posted on youtube

    ) and it will be until its dying day. Stryders just cause more of it and imagine having 2+ people using them.
    For example if i use a bronto on the gen1 ocean biome(sounds crazy i know) on just normal rates i can almost stall the server so your argument there is invalid.
    The balance is currently there to preserve the servers concept (not shitty wildcards) in my complete opinion they are a PVP recovery dino that allows people to recover faster after a raid wipes them.

    In PVE tell me why we would want to make "everything quicker"?, speeding up PVE is 100% pointless in-fact wildcard care so little about it they make it very trivial like a mini game in addition to the main game they balance for (PVP).

    i see the attraction of this but and this is a big thicc one if stryders where active more than just events its turns all other maps(for new/old) into pointless crap with no real need to build on them apart from tame count and location.
    In my opinion there are 2 reasons i just dont see this happening,

    1 Performance, the server lags hard when someone is using a stryder i have a 1gb connection and a £10k streaming pc setup and i still feel it especially when element is in space,

    2 Easy farming makes the beginner experience so far from the concept there is no "fair" way to balance them and just like gachas they make farming trivial and have no place within the clusters concept.

    imo the rewards i feel now are very balanced for the cluster i dont think saturating the cluster with points has any benefit for new or old players alike.

    Also there is nothing in the shop that you cannot just get off your bottom and tame yourself rewards should be rewarding not the "go to" for lazy/inexperienced players, none the less it would destroy the experience of fresh players by straying to far outside of the server's concept. (that i have linked below for you)

    Iv been here 3 months and i have over 100 ark bars and i always contribute to ALL events so i am always finding i have a excess of "points"

    Most caves can get dinos into them more or less, and it involves a lot of server tinkering [Bc of how wildcard designate areas] which could open up a whole can of worms as to people doing things that are hard to fix, that would be the main one I wouldn't agree with, that and the number of effects, as I think we tend to keep it to one or two for simplicity and balance.

    Its a fresh new idea though! Hopefully some others will weigh in too :)

    Yea i would like to add a little disclaimer that i went into this not knowing what amount work is needed on the owner/admin side so i appreciate this type of feedback as i have no idea myself

    Please see below my idea for a new event for the community to enjoy, please let me know what you all think of this.

    Thanks, in advanced.

    New event idea ghost division

    EVENT - Loot hunter's event.

    Cost - 1000 Ghost Coins

    *Increased loot quality (lio/loot boost potion buff for weekend)

    *Double shiny spawn rate

    *Boosted (1.5X – 2X) hexagon rewards

    *Cave dinos enabled (rule to stop people leaving them in there already exists)

    Max. Every 4 weeks

    Only one event per weekend à Ticket

    Payment in GC only

    Ingame music can always be turned off using audio settings. And you always have the option to turn on music on an external audio player. ;)

    This is true but ONLY if it was developed by someone who didnt put it as the dinos birth "sound effect" and not as music, so like i say "from what i can tell" meaning i would have to mute my entire game sounds to achieve this.
    I have a way of playing copyright music already(only get strikes from sounds that get recorded to a VoD i only have game sounds and my voice, music goes through non recording channel) its legit but if the source is the game im playing my VoD's and clips will just be my voice no game sounds nothing and would greatly diminish quality of my clips and VoD's.

    However this is just my opinion on the matter but something that might need to be brought up as the decision makers may not be aware of the implications it could cause for certian players/content creators. Also anyone who is and wants to stream this cluster would be putting themself at a risk they might not be aware of unless a warning was given to people as they joined.

    This has copyright music attached to the mod that from what i can tell cannot be turned off. This is something that as a streamer i could not play with or even be near when someone births one without getting a strike against my channel (get 3 and its perma ban).
    This is something you can even hear syntac (the pleb) try to "sing" over in this video.
    I love JP but not so much im willing to risk my stream.

    This would be so imbalanced in my opinion.
    Reasons -
    1 Gives 250 more slots that people dont have to be online to move/remove from the terminal (bad for server pop)
    2 there is only a 50 tame cap on a map there is no way you need more than 1 terminal (unless u plan to afk)
    3 Iv yet to come across any dino that i would need 2 terminals to collect babys from.
    4 If your breeding mammals i assume this is what your talking about its is already easy to do on this cluster just takes some testing out of different ways and finding "the" way.

    I farm solo and iv only been here 3 months there is nothing wrong with solo farming on this cluster. Work smarter Not harder + omni tool is a solo farmers dream.

    Hi would like to start by saying a massive thank you for all the hard work u guys put into the easter event i thought it was great and we really enjoyed it. Bravo.:love:<3

    I noticed the new (at least to me) GD items like the imprint egg and the taming chocolate.

    Simple suggestion is to add a non event more powerful variation (equal to or more than the sanguine elixir) of these items to the reward vault.

    Reason i think it should be added is because sanguine elixir is a massive balls-up for WC and just like there (lack of) events and fixes im hoping GD could do something to atleast ease the imprint pain for us and maybe even the taming too :saint:;):P

    Thanks in advanced