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    I think it would be an interesting add to the server, I have played on servers that have used this Dino before and it does look good and is effective, I do think it would be a nice addition to the server, I think the only thing that worries me is like someone said before said the load time, it takes me around 15 minutes as it is to load all the mods, I think adding another will for sure extend that, so it would be interesting to see I am just unsure about the load time for the mod itself.

    I mean, if people have to come to the website to vote every day and also read the rules etc, they will be tempted like I was to explore the website and see what else is here, I think if there is a thread that has the most basic of topic like "Your Favourite Ark memory" that both new people and long timers can come and reply to exchanging their favourite moments, I think something like that would help increase the players on the server and also in the community.

    Hi there,

    So I have seen a minimal amount of active threads on the Forums page , and something I would like to suggest as a way of gaining more activity and attention on the website/forums is forum pages that are more open for players to discuss in such as ones about lifestyle favourite food, favourite sport etc. These types of discussions that multiple people can reply to and give their thoughts. Even some more related to Ark, such as favourite Dinosaur. I have seen other Forum pages with threads such as Counting Up, in which each person will post a reply to the previous response with one more than the last one, and the aim is to see how high of a number we as a community can get.

    I believe these forum threads can help make the forums more active and help attract more players to the server, increasing the chance of donating and user interaction.

    Overall I believe this is a good idea on the website, and I appreciate any opinions from anyone in the replies.