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    Cryofridge/Cryopod: We are still using the dinostorage mod which works better and is highly adjustable. No need for those.

    Dedicated storage: You can still use N+ Dedicated storage. We added a lot of stuff to the list of items you can store, if something is missing let us know and we will discuss it (some things are missing for good reasons). The vanilla Dedicated storage can be abused.

    Is that in reference to bosses dropping tek structures and items, or will they drop more element as well?

    Also, while I'm asking about the bosses, will they only drop tek items that they unlock the tek engrams for? For example if you want a transmitter drop you have to fight the dragon?

    Element drops are like in vanilla but WC doubled the element you get from Island and Center bosses a while ago.

    We chose a few items a boss unlocks and added those and fishing rods to the loot table. tek armor and weapons also will have quality and a chance for blueprints.

    i would to ask is there is any chance that you guys will enable the element transfer btw maps. this time gacha is disabled right

    Yeah Gachas are disabled but we will not enable element transfer. We discussed this and with the latest boost of element rates for bosses we think it is a fair amount you get. We know it is easier to get element from extinction or genesis and it is okay if you use those maps to craft your tek structures but for every day use of element on other maps you need to do bosses.

    Would you ever consider making Ghost Coins/Ark Bars time limited? So that they would have an expiration, use em or lose em. Maybe that would add a little balance and prevent hoarding and too much of them circulating in the system, the marketplace would have to remain competitive.

    We talked about expiring GC in our meetings but this is not possible due to the plugin we use and the possibility to exchange GC into ARc. Also how would you handle GC after a transfer to another player, the timer would need to be reset.

    Also, did the team consider adding BP crates to the reward vault? It could be a good GC sink and with limited crafts it wouldn't be OP either. Or should I make this a suggestion post instead of a question here?

    We will adjust the vault content to the new concept, but we did not decide about BPs yet.

    will there be cross server chat this time?
    Nope, for two reasons: First of all having 10 maps (Gen: Part 2 included) in the same global chat with a community this big is a mess. We have Discord, Teamspeak and our website for clusterwide communication. On top of this these plugins mess up our Battlemetrics tools which we need to run the cluster properly.

    Will the current assurances for patreons go on after the wipe?

    Currently there are no changes planned for Patreon rewards. If we change this we will inform all Patreons ahead to give everyone a chance to rethink their subscription.

    Will vault rewards be changing?

    We will adjust the vault content to the new concept, but we did not decide details yet.

    For "Custom wild dino level distribution" will you be releasing how that is going to be weighted? Is this going to be a per-species weight, or a general weight applied to the spawns overall? The custom level distribution will be applied to every spawn. We were looking for the right balance between Vanilla (very few high levels) and our current plugin (about 30% of all Dinos were 135+). There will be less 150s on the map than now, but it is by far not as tedious as Vanilla gameplay.

    Why disable the shiny dino tekgram learning ? it's a fun alternative way to learn engrams, sometime ppl don't want to raise a rex army because it's boring

    i dont know the exact reasoning behind it, maybe Cherie or some other team member can answer this question. I can just point out that you can get tekgrams from bosses, but also from Extinction titans - and they don't require a rex army. What is more, shinies will be very rare and once you find them, you will want to tame them for their special abilities rather than kill. And getting a tekgram for killing a dino, so with nearly no effort, sounds a bit too easy, which is against the concept?

    Tek stuff is endgame content and we did not want to make it too easy to get

    Best Arkmoment

    When we started on Genesis we went on a raft through the ocean biome looking for a base spot. Suddenly the announcement came that we just tamed a Megachelon Lvl 217, at that time we didn't even know what a Megachelon was. As it turned out, there was a bug by which the turtles were also tamed if only a fishing school and no players were around. That was the first and only time I was rewarded by an ark bug. This game drove me crazy a million times, but it was worth it eventually.

    Best Ragequit

    We did the Rex Quest on Genesis with Black Knights and others. I was tasked to shoot the rex from a skiff with a tek gun. When the rex was in a favorable position, I took aim, hit the rex and killed Leusele who was not even in the direction of my shot.

    In a nutshell Leusele raged and I quit

    Best Admin Moment

    During my time in Ark, I trained many new admins. At first I made a real effort and tried to transfer my enthusiasm to the others. This is what the reactions felt like:

    Completely resigned, this work became a boring, compulsory task for me (as it must happen to every teacher at some point). which is why i was not exactly hyped when a new student was announced.

    But then he came along:

    I couldn't explain as quickly as he tested everything and asked for more information. About 1000 questions later I went to bed exhausted but with new hope

    Dear Community,

    we usually do not react to baseless and false accusations like this, but the way this has been brought up made us write a statement to maybe correct some false impressions and take a stand for our admins.

    First of all the way this discussion is going is not productive or helpful at all. A lot of things and formulations in this thread just make me angry, our admins do a great job and they do not deserve to be treated like this. What I get from this thread is that some of you fear that admins might abuse their rights and power to gain advantages and cheat.

    Owners regularly check all logs for admincheats and monitor unusual admin activity. That is why we can assure you that there are no cheated blueprints, dinos or items on our servers. On top of console commands all important mods like AutoRewards and Auction House bring their own logs that are also being checked regularly, so there is no way to cheat GC / ARc Bars aswell. These inspections are part of the Owner job because we have the needed experience and the data to examine, something that usual players are missing. Cheating is a serious matter and you are always able to contact us via ticket or contact an owner directly if you deem it necessary. Spreading accusations based on false impressions, not having all of the information or personal differences is something we do not want to see in this community. Talking about personal experiences with cheating admins without giving details, names or even ever opened a ticket about it gives the impression that it is either just a false accusation or that this is not bothering someone at all which leaves us with the question why in the world would someone post such accusations without talking about it at all beforehand if it does not bother him. Everyone wants to be treated fair and with some respect and our admins are making sure everyone is treated that way on our server. But on the other hand a lot of players are treating admins without that respect and fairness the second they dislike an admin decision and become harmful towards us.

    Our admins are working hard for the community and contribute much to the project. Since January 2018 8559 tickets have been solved, this is about 9 tickets a day that has been solved by one to four active admins. Each ticket takes its time, this can be 5 minutes for easy questions or several hours for complex thievery accusations or testing, but I guess most of them are solved in 15 to 20 minutes. If we say 20 minutes is the average this means every single day our team is working about 2 hours only for your support. On top of this there are countless of ingame, discord or forum messages to deal with, weekly meetings, cleanups, mod or plugin testing and events that take up time, too. None of our team members is paid and therefore everything our admins do for you is taking up their spare time. If you ask our admins why they are doing this the most common answer is that they just like the community and want to support players and improve the overall gameplay experience for all of you. This is only fun because they are part of the community, help their co-survivors and experience and enjoy things we are working on. The idea that players should quit playing once they become an admin is not thought through. On the one hand no player would ever apply as admin if he loses all his stuff and being kicked from the game, on the other hand we need playing admins to monitor and evaluate the thoughts of the community, the impact of recent changes and condition of our servers. Our admins are not just service providers and we do not tolerate if they are treated like this, they are players and volunteers that have been recruited with greatest care and earned our trust and respect because of their engagement and skills.

    Now that we gave you some information about what it means to be an admin we want to talk about why this all is even such a problem to some of you. As you all know now no admin has ever spawned items, BPs or dinos. If they have better stuff than you this is well-earned, you do not become a Ghost Division admin by not knowing the game or being inactive. It is important to us that any player who becomes an admin is a long time member of our community, an active player and has a deep understanding of the game. Usually this kind of players are well equipped, have beat most of the content already and are now looking for some new challenges and ways to improve the community they so much enjoy.

    We hope we were able to clarify some things with this statement and make you aware that there is no cheated content that could harm your ARK experience in any way. It is just wrong that admins abuse their power to be faster or better than others or else we already would have banned the never to beat Blueprint Company. ^^
    If you still feel like any of our team members is cheating, gaining unfair advantages or is jeopardizing your gameplay experience you can always open a ticket or talk to an owner directly, we will of course investigate anything unusual.


    1. Spreading false accusations is mean!
    2. Our admins are not cheating, NEVER
    3. If you think an admin is cheating open a ticket or contact an owner
    4. Our admins are G.O.A.T.
    5. BP Company is always server first

    P.S.: Discussing, writing and translating this statement took 3 hours on a Sunday evening. Thank you :-D

    P.P.S.: ThumperMan007 , I still did not receive your payment for your admin right in October. Not gonna remind you a third time!

    P.P.P.S.: Mschmidi , I may need you and your baton to pay Thumper a visit next week.

    As an admin you do your part to keep the servers and the community running.

    Of course, your tasks mainly include the support of players who need our help or have questions, for this our ticket system is your place to go.

    To make it as easy as possible for our admins, our one and only support platform is the ticketsystem, which on the one hand ensures that important inquiries can be saved so every team member has access to it and on the other hand it gives us more free time because we are able to work all cases through in a targeted manner. We actively support our players with questions and problems relating to Ark and work permanently to make our support effective and quick.

    You also support the Owners when it comes to testing and optimizing the server.

    As part of the team, you naturally influence the direction in which our project develops. Things like server settings, player wishes, concepts or ideas are discussed in team meetings.

    Of course Ark is a hobby and we don't expect any team member to be present 24/7. Everyone should only do as much as she or he can and want.


    - You are eyes and ears on the servers and ensure a respectful atmosphere.

    - You help our community with questions and problems via ticket support.

    - You help to enforce rules and requirements on the servers.

    - You support us in keeping the maps clean and keeping everything going.

    - You take part in meetings and decide with us.

    - You become part of the team and support the project.


    - An application with some information about you and your motivation

    - 18+

    - Ark experience

    - Fluid in German or English

    - Teamspeak

    - A helpful personality

    We are looking forward to your application

    If you require In game or any other form of support you need to create a ticket.

    Some basic rules:

    • A ticket should include all relevant information and all fields should be filled out. Incorrect or missing information will result in Admins / Owners having to spend more time sorting out the ticket or it may end up with the ticket being closed due to lack of information.
    • Please only use English or German in tickets. Any other languages will not be supported and your ticket will be void.
    • If your issue or circumstances change, please update your ticket so we know. This will stop the Admins and Owners wasting time on issues that are already resolved.
    • If you create a ticket it is your responsibility to log into the website and check if the ticket has been updated. If we don't get a reply within 4 days the ticket will be closed.
    • Please follow below step by step instructions for completing a ticket.

    You can find our ticket system in the upper menu on our website.

    The button “NEW TICKET” will lead you to our form.

    Please make sure you have reviewed the information above and all fields are completed

    If you are unsure how to find your steam ID please click here:

    Once you have filled in all fields of the ticket, please explain your issue in detail in the big box, including the information below.

    • What happened / How can we help?
    • Coords
    • ccc coords (See Below for information)
    • Tribe- and Player names involved
    • Meaningful screenshots

    For exact coords please use only GPS or Awesome Spyglass (PvE), not some approximate coords from the map.

    What is ccc and how do I get it?

    With ccc coords admins have the opportunity to teleport to your exact position.

    You get the coords by typing ccc in your console (not in game chat). This command will copy some numbers to your clipboard. With Ctrl + V you can paste it in your ticket.

    Your ticket should look like this:

    Finally check whether you have filled out everything correctly and your explanation is accurate.

    What information we need is always depending on the issue.

    If we are required to check a previous event, we also need any dates or times or anything else you feel is relevant to resolve your ticket. We can check our logs but approximate times and dates will help save time searching for information.

    Remember: All tribe logs and entries are recorded in our server logs and can be reviewed if required at any time.

    If you follow this step by step guide, you will give the Owners / Admins the best opportunity to complete your ticket effectively.

    Your Ghost-Division Team

    Brand New Special Offer - Genesis 2 Water Breeding

    Due to the limited space on Genesis we are offering our state of the art water breeding base for rent! Only 10 Element per day and you can breed whatever you like, there is a lot of space, a parking lot for your raft and a guest house (Screenshots will follow)!

    Contact Gunnsen or me if you are interested!

    Dear Co-Survivors,

    we know many of you might want to breed aquatic animals but do not have access to a base with enough water space. The size of an outpost is not large enough for the big creatures down in the sea and it is risky and annoying to build a temporary defense every time you breed.

    This is why Gunnsen and I decided to offer our Ragnarok Base which was designed to breed even the largest aquatic creatures in Ark. Since we do not use that base too often and most of the time it is a sad, lonely place in the ocean we want to rent the base out to you.

    In our base there is a Guest Room just waiting for your arrival giving you access to some storages, refrigerators, a tek trough, grill and more. Our transmitter and hatcheries are of course available to you, too. You will have access to two decks above the water and a big tube (diameter of the base) all the way down to the ocean floor. Thanks to our Tek elevators you can reach everything within seconds.

    On top of that you will enjoy a 360 degrees ocean view, athmospheric lighning that will make your creatures mate like crazy, quick access to the Tuso trench and some of the best sunsets you ever saw.

    You can reach the base either with our open S+ Teleporter, any flying or swimming creature or by raft (can be your spawnpoint too). The base is located at Lat 55.5 Lon 24 on PvE Ragnarok. We are waiting for you.

    Our base is available for only 10GC a day or 25 GC for a weekend (Friday - Sunday). Please contact Gunnsen or Cherie in Discord or PM if you are interested.


    Die roten Pandas