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    This is a list of all prizes you can buy.

    Asc Tek Blueprint of choice1500
    Asc Blueprint of choice (except Tek)1000
    Mastercraft Blueprint of choice (except Tek)750
    Journeyman Blueprint of choice (except Tek)500
    Max lvl Dino of choice 500
    1x Gender change token300
    5x GD Superstim80
    5x GD Speedboost80
    5x GD Weightboost80
    3x GD XP Boost80
    any red Chibi300
    any yellow Chibi200
    any purple Chibi150
    5 Mutagen50
    500 of a resource (Metal Ingot, Polymer, Cementing Paste, Gunpowder, Narcotics, Electronics, green/blue/red gems, crystal)20

    Ghost Division Olympics: Saturday, May 14th, 5pm - 11pm CET (UTC+2)

    Dear community,

    there are only a few days left until the start of our event “Ghost Division Olympics”.

    As promised we have summarized all important information for you:

    • 5 different challenges await you.
    • Each challenge will give you points, which can be spent on prizes after the event.
    • You can do the challenges at any time between 5pm - 11pm CET (UTC+2)
    • You can follow the path and complete the challenges in the correct order. You can also use your omni tool to switch between the challenges if you get stuck or want to try something else.
    • After each challenge there is a photo booth. You need to take screenshots of these booths while pressing "H" on your keyboard so you have proof for completing the challenge.
    • There are different chill or spectator areas and a party zone where you can meet.
    • Signs along the parcour will give you hints or will show you the way.

    Step by step:

    • Join the event server (dino and item upload is disabled)
    • Type /join in chat, you will join the event tribe. This is necessary to use doors, jump pads etc.
    • Type /tp in chat, you will get an omni tool which can be used to switch between the challenges.
    • Use the omni tool to get yourself a fancy dress in our fashion boutique.
    • Use the omni tool to teleport to "Challenge 1" which is the official start.
    • After completing a challenge you will get to a photo booth, take a screenshot of that booth.
    • Follow the signs to the next challenge.
    • Visit the party area, you can use the omni tool or you will find it on the way between challenge 2 and 3.
    • If you are done open a ticket, insert your screenshots of the photo booths and tell us which prizes you want from your points.
    • If you need to join the event server directly you can add the address to your favorites: PvE Event-Server:

    Photo booths:

    • Each photo booth is different.
    • They are marked with a yellow sign and a yellow foundation.
    • The yellow foundation marks the point you should stand on to take the screenshot.
    • Press and hold "H" on your keyboard while doing the screenshot so we can verify your identity.
    • The screenshots need to look like in the example below.
    • Keep your eyes open, when you miss a photo booth you need to repeat the challenge. There is no way back!


    • This event is PvE, stay friendly and fair so everyone can enjoy their time.
    • You are allowed to leave and join the server at any time between 5pm - 11pm.
    • As always bug using, cheating, exploiting is forbidden.

    Points and Prizes:

    • You will get (100) points for each completed challenge (500 points total).
    • Every player who completed all 5 challenges will receive a special prize of 50 GhostCoins.

    Ascendant Bp of choice (except Tek and fishing rod)400
    Mastercraft BP of choice (except Tek and fishing rod)300
    Journeyman BP of choice (except Tek and fishing rod)200
    1x Gender change token100
    5x GD Superstim25
    5x GD Speedboost25
    5x GD Weightboost25
    3x GD XP Boost25
    any red Chibi100
    any yellow Chibi75
    any purple Chibi50
    5 Mutagen50
    500 of a resource (Metal Ingot, Polymer, Cementing Paste, Gunpowder, Narcotics, Electronics, green/blue/red gems, crystal)10

    Dear survivors,

    We are reporting live from the Olympic Village of the Ghost Division Servers where we would like to invite all of you to participate in this great upcoming event. Prepare for challenges only the most athletic survivors in ARK history can master and show your skills in different mazes and puzzles. Join the spectator ranks and watch other survivors failing. But most of all: Have a lot of fun in our newest event! As a highlight DJ Mc Oil Baron will support the event. Join us for a great time!

    The event will take place on Saturday, May 14th, 5pm - 11pm CET (UTC+2)

    What's waiting for you:

    5 challenges with Jump and Maze Puzzles.
    5 Photo booths at the end of each challenge. Different chillout areas to relax after completing a challenge.
    Spectating areas to watch the others fail.
    A Party Zone with live music presented by DJ Oil Baron.
    Beautiful settings and a lot of fun.
    Points for every completed challenge

    Great rewards that you can buy with the points you earned.

    A fashion boutique where you can get fancy dresses

    Additional information about how to join the event, rules and prizes will be released soon, stay tuned...

    For further questions and discussions please use our Discord Eventchannel:…029888/714920256166166598

    Come join us and have a great time,
    your Ghost Division Event Team

    On top of what Gunnsen said the new system encourages people to vote for our servers which is mandatory for a healthy community. Votes are the best way to get new players to our servers which keeps the maps crowded. These days it is hard enough to have a good amount of players on each map. To keep players in the cluster we need crowded maps as there are already hundreds of empty clusters out there. We just added the Gender Change tokens to make voting even more interesting and we are already working on other ideas to give players some more reasons to vote.
    Of course you are right that it now takes some time to get a filled wallet to buy whatever you want or need, but there are also other ways to get ARc by having a nice breeding line to sell, offer boss fights etc. Giving new players the option to just buy a rex line for a few ghost coins will eliminate the challenge and the market.

    We discussed this and we dont think this is necessary. Navigating around the ark, recovering your body after dying, getting help by the Fjordhawk later etc. are part of this game and Survival Games in general. We dont want to make it too easy, losing stuff to character deaths is already a very rare occasion and we dont want to take that out of the game in total. There are several ingame mechanics like waypoint on your minimap, dino trackers (both ingame and GhostData), the big ass green light beam etc that already help players a lot, we dont need to add another mod to replac these mechanics with a new one. Every new mod brings problems with compatibility and stability, updates will cause additional restarts and add a little more work to maintaining the servers and config files.

    Nope, we will not add cross ark chat, it is messing with admin tools and will bring several technical issues to the cluster.

    Aztec Temple at 20 41 OK to built

    Jungle Castle at 41 55 OK to built

    Lighthouse at 20 24 not OK to built

    Spirit Falls at 56 45 not OK to built

    Darkfern Forest at 35 54 OK to built

    Udal Jungle 39 39 not OK to built

    Tumash Teeth 35 15 not OK to built

    Wilderness 31 52 not OK to built

    Lighthouse Chamber 20 23 not OK to built

    The Twisted Vine 34 32 not OK to built
    Hildan Cavity 28 33 not OK to built

    Dear Survivors,
    Lost Island has many caves, ruins, castles and other great places to build. We get a lot of inquiries about when we will update the cavelist, but unfortunately this is not that easy with such a large map. Just like you, we're on the road exploring the new map and haven't seen everything by far. In order to accelerate our work and give you a better overview, we would like to use this thread to find and check locations together with you. We need your help for this. If you see a cave, ruin etc. please take a screenshot and post it together with ccc coordinates here in this thread. We will look at all the spots and decide whether you are allowed to build there.

    Top 5 Screenshots

    We will reward the 5 best screenshots chosen by the team. Every player can send in 1 Screenshot after the event is finished (we will open a seperate thread for this). Every screenshot must contain the extended HUD which displays your survivors name (hold H to display it), only screenshots with matching names ingame and on the website will be able to take part.

    Place Prize
    First Place
    10 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of Choice
    Second Place
    8 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of Choice
    Third Place
    6 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of Choice (no Red Chibis)
    Fourth Place
    4 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of Choice (no Red Chibis)
    Fifth Place
    2 Dino Color Tokens, Chibi of Choice (no Red or Yellow Chibis)

    Please post your screenshot here until Sunday, November 7th, 23:59 CET.

    1 screenshot per account is allowed. We will announce the Winners a few days after submissions have been closed.

    Dear survivors,

    to further improve our cluster advertisement we'd like to have a better overview on how players find and join our community.

    Please let us know by answering the poll and leave a comment if you want to further elaborate this.

    thx a lot,