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    ...stored in SS fabricators, if you don't empty them within 10 hours since now (until around 8pm CEST). Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! If you fail to do it, your items won't be refunded!

    I know that not everyone uses fabricators, but i also know that people tend to store their crafted items and other things in such structures, so just go remove it.


    Wyvern traps:

    Tribe of Jag/ 20 73/ 304855 -391962 63 -168.99 -45.23

    Tribe of Kenny Fadder/ 21 71/ 283580 -381155 158 153.60 -21.45

    Crimson/ 22 72/ 292612 -362500 2674 68.71 -19.91


    SCUM/ 55 38/ -152516 66823 11956 137.31 -9.40


    long ass water pipe/ Owner: "..." / 37 78/ 371332 -168571 21108 -29.50 -30.61

    Hopefull we will grow bigger, when the team has more time and they start advertising and rework voting, this should bring more players. But i know servers with big playerbase using cross chat, and people don't really complain about it.

    It's a plugin, not a mod - so this is loaded only server-side, client doesnt have to install it. The chat itself looks like now, but with added map name, so the format is (usually):

    *steam-name (character-name) [tribe-name] map-name: chat message

    You can turn on/off displaying steam name in game settings, map name is before or after the char+tribe name but always appear, so just don't be blind :P

    You'd have to scroll up and down alot to find the person you were writing with all the while all servers chatter between each other and you have to blend out what is for you and or your server and what is not.

    That was more of an issue when GD was very crowded and had like 100-200 active players at the same time. Now we have maybe 30-50 people online together and usually they don't talk that much, even when sometimes i jump to Rag i see the chat nearly empty for hours.


    Can you imagine a "lvl 150 Griffin found" message without a server name? That would be pure chaos.

    Cross chats usually show what map the message was sent from, so if people get used to paying attention to the map name (and honestly most people here aren't such morons and are able to double check the name before asking for details about that griffin) that wouldn't cause much chaos. It happens all the time in Discord anyway (confusing maps or even clusters).

    Yes, chat in Ark is meh, the playerbase spread over 10 maps is meh, after all we play on a server and not single player to play with others - and that doesn't mean we have to play in tribes, for many of us it's just communication and cooperation with other players. Keeping in touch with all active players is a nice thing, and newcomers would benefit from it too - especially that many people dont use Discord, and newcomers often have questions - yes, sometimes it would cause clutter and annoyance, but sometimes the chat becomes messy even without cross chat. I think adding this plugin won't hurt (or at least to try it), i'm more worried about how it will work with battlemetrics (if it will affect it at all).

    can this be modified so only buyout amount matters and quantity is ignored? that would solve the problem of losing ingots for cheap items

    Nope, not possible. I already mentioned all possible fee configurations twice, or so.

    Ghaz said he won't have any time to work on AH until November. The changes you guys ask for are possible, but require a lot of work, and he's busy with work and freelancing. If you really want it, you can support him by sending donations, so these hours spent on it pay off. He already spent a lot of hours this week trying to replicate and fix our crashes (and to figure out if they are caused by AH at all).

    That's not possible. There can be only one currency set as fee. And the amount can be either % or flat.

    Well if the fee is arc bars, then I'm out of trading. Don't have any. And i have like 20 pages of items and dinos listed for metal.

    The fee is dynamic already. But it's calculated on the quantity of selling resource if it's higher than the price. Also Ghaz isn't going to work on AH this year anymore, already spent a few past weeks on it, now it's time to focus on another of his mods. And if it's still basef on payment, then people asking for bars still have a huge advantage over people asking for bars. Hence flat fee.

    Alternatively, the fee for arcbars could be increased. 1:5000 ingots. :S

    Not possible. You can only set flat amount and choose the fee currency - atm it's ingots, if you set it to bars then only a few people, such as yourself, will be able to afford selling.