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    "it's PvE" that we need the flyer to have this function (what other use does a Quetzal have other than picking wild dinos to move to traps in a safe place to assist your tames

    Exactly, this is PvE. And where is this E we're supposed to deal with, if we could just pick up wild dinos and drop them in a safe trap? Where are the dangers and challenges of Environment? That would just make taming too easy, and it's easy enough already with ascendant longnecks, shocking darts, owls and all that stuff.

    Yeah, i had it when i tried opening engram list in pvp server. Pve is fine.

    This usually is caused by a lot of blacklisted engrams. Whitelisting desired ones instead seems to help avoid this lag.

    As i said, limit Gachas to 10 and its fine - But since CI is not even open for tranfers we are talking about unlayed eggs anyway.

    It will be open eventually, so let's save it from corruption before it starts.

    I'd push it even further. Allow tribes to have 4 gachas on each map. Let's get rid of these ugly and laggy gacha towers. Too difficult to maintain all maps and feed them? How about enabling gacha gavager but allowing only one per tribe/map?

    It's not about use them or not, it's about huge bases everywhere, huge gacha farms on every corner. Do we really want CI to have Rag-like lags?

    Two things:

    1. When transfers to/from CI will be open, can you prevent bringing gacha to this map? Im not sure if this is covered by forbidding foreign, if not then you could just keep dino downloads disabled and configure dino storage, so CI doesnt turn to another big ass gacha hub. The map is way more enjoyable the way it is now.

    2. Enable apex trophy transfers cluster-wide. I know it was suggested in the past, and declined because a) our stack mod doesnt support it and b) this can be done by AH, but to do it with AH you need someone you trust. Now you can enable it with this plugin:

    Last time when post-raid protection was a thing, there was also a rule that a tribe loses their protection the moment they start raiding. Kinda easier to police it than a cooldown, i think.


    There is now wyverns flying around,

    I'm sure if you ask politely, admins would show you a full list of all wyverns existing on the map at given time.

    They do spawn. Yes they have low levels, CI doesnt have the better level distribution plugin. If you want high levels - kill low levels. And when you see a taming pen or any trash in that area - then report it, because this is the real problem.


    The thing is that they don't only spawn in a certain point, like wyverns on Rag or SE, they spawn all over the place so forbidding building in the entire area where they spawn would block like 10% of the map =/

    And then if you forbid building everywhere where rare dinos spawn, half of the map would be forbidden - because wyverns, griffins, basilisks, mantis etc.

    What can be done? People should learn to build small, or at least dont build uneccessarily huge bases, and reduce their amount of feeding troughs which prevent spawns.

    Crystal Isles: massive land claiming by tribe OutSiderS at 32 42/ -134733 -268862 -13151 -148.13 -19.95 DONE AS WAS ON MAP AT TIME


    Limit of dinos (but then kinda has to be level, cuz someone will make a spino line, like the 100melee/hp theris & rexes and our 135melee gigas)

    sadly it's not possible. You can set max dino level possible on a server, but then people will just breed their op dinos with low levels, getting 100hp 100meele 1food 1oxy etc dinos, resulting in max 400lvl or so... Cant set max possible stat.

    Crystal Isles:

    tribe of Human - wyvern - 55 32/ -288917 113292 -13455 168.44 6.17

    cumberbatch - ptera - 63 17/ -520880 242299 -14276 47.05 -35.99

    Wyvern cat - argentavis - 46 48/ -55839 -4769 -13257 61.37 1.69 -- beware it's above water

    ? - ptera - 80 17/ -555855 513365 -14031 109.53 12.77

    ARKBOB - wyvern - 43:75 64:30/ 243170 -80062 -11071 60.95 -78.89

    Crystal marh - ptera - 49:93 63:10 / 222632 18810 -8526 102.34 -80.84 -> in air above lava!

    ChujGoWie - ptera - 56 44/ -92440 120890 -7801 -128.98 5.86 -> it's right on a beacon, so the beacon always looks like it's 'taken'