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    I've heard of many people wanting to rework S+. Most of these people gave up after digging in it. There's a project called restructures that is collecting ideas, but i dont know if or when it will be released, still it's a vault of ideas. Co-member of this project is the author of Dino Storage so if he finds time and will to actually work on it, there's big hope that this mod will be great (again).

    Server staff is aware of this mod, it was being taken into consideration since the moment it was released, but telling by its popularity it isn't trustworthy enough to run it on the servers now. Probably only time (and feedback) will tell if this mod really fixes the issue and is 100% safe to use. It surely requires intensive testing on the server before owners make a decision.

    Just look at its description... "This is a hacky temp fix not intended to be used forever. Please make yourself comfortable with the idea to switch to one of the upcoming S+ forgs/replacments or make your own if you don't want to disable the pulling system."


    43 37 - taming pen - Tribe of szarak22 REMOVED

    44 45 - spikewalls- The Seven Deadly Sins REMOVED

    37 38 - spikewalls- WaterFlow TRIBE WILL BE REMOVED ON NEXT CLEANUP

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but there's an issue with marketplace in Discord. People are reacting to each others posts, and while sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's getting toxic...

    Suggestion: disable ability to react with emojis in this channel.

    If validating files won't help, try the following:

    - uninstall Battleye

    - set your client network bandwidth to medium/low

    - if you tend to disconnect around bases, try to lower your graphic settings - especially world tile buffers, view distance, ground clutter density+distance and mesh level of detail

    I can think of two things:

    1) your dinos have disabled group whistles (wheel menu - heed/ignore group whistles)

    2) you have an active tame group (press a key on numpad to chose a group or remove the choice)

    Double breeding weekend can be purchased as a voting reward.

    Hopefully increased taming/harvesting will appear as voting or donation reward once they are reworked


    pteranodon - 45 71 - unknown owner Couldn't find

    taming pen - 21 53 - Luolamaan DONE

    taming pen - 29 44 - Mr. Soul DONE

    some leftovers - 27 45 - MTF

    taming pen with a bed and wooden box - 23 48 - jay - area rich in resources ONLY HAS 1 AREA

    argentavis- 23 38 - TribeX DONE

    long, unattached waterpipe- 39 28- dead end/archy01 Left Message to remove

    rock drake - 39 37 in water - Tribe of tacoman - sitting here since months DONE

    leftovers under ground - 54 34 - Zambole's Trib DONE

    3 spikewalls - 56 28 - Kottbull grabbar DONE

    thatch foundation and bed - 80 63 - Selbsthilfegruppe - major metal spawn DONE , BLOCKING SPAWNS

    spikewalls - 80 60 - Tribe of Metall DONE

    Seriously guys. I recommend taming and breeding a strong line of wolves, sabers, barys, raptors, dimorphs, vultures... These creatures can enter in most caves, and they are doing it very well. Get a strong wolf or a group of birds and run these caves. This is real fun. Way more entertaining than going through it with a rex. Try it. Yes at the beginning it may be challenging. But it's not boring. It's fun.

    These dinos are easy to tame and breed. And with pack bonus they are really good mounts. Don't discriminate them only because you learnt to do it the rex way.

    Why people do not respect to others. I can kill queen by giga or by food. Why my game style interest you?? If you like kill queen without giga, it is ok. U can do what you want but pls do not say anything what game should i play and what will i do

    Noone cares about your game style. But there are a bunch of people called "server owners" that decide what they want to have on their servers.

    Okay so i made this poll with all suggestions from this thread, to let all interested people show if they like certain ideas, hopefully this will reflect the community's opinion on the topic and help the server staff discuss the situation.

    You can vote here:

    It should take around 5 minutes. Please provide your forum name.

    If your account was created after this post was made to cheat on the results, i won't count your answers.

    Mind that some of suggestions may be impossible or difficult to implement, also that the final voice always belong to server staff.

    Can we take all ideas collected in this thread and put them in some voting site, so people can vote what they like, and then server staff would discuss voting results? I could take care of the voting part