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    Is cluster wide chat coming to cluster by any chance ?

    we're planning on starting on the centre, which sadly tends to be empty


    will there be cross server chat this time?

    Nope, for two reasons: First of all having 10 maps (Gen: Part 2 included) in the same global chat with a community this big is a mess. We have Discord, Teamspeak and our website for clusterwide communication. On top of this these plugins mess up our Battlemetrics tools which we need to run the cluster properly.

    Also here many players enjoy Center so it's not that empty!

    Also, one final thing, since we'll have bosses drop tek structures and tek BPs for equipment, tek saddles could be made to work in a similar manner. Add them and their BPs to the bosses that unlock them, that way people that want them have to work for them a little and actually earn them ;)

    Don't expect any additions to loot tables, Kogadins already has a PTSD from making them :D Especially that it would require editing pretty much every boss on every map. And then testing it. Koga doesn't like us THAT much.

    The thing is that wild dinos can glitch into your base. Inside. Right where you hide your dinos. Many people lost their dinos this way, thinking it's safe. Even the dinos parked on your roof can fall off it, or some flyer can attack them. If you dont place turrets - that's fine, just be it on your head. But dont tell others to not protect their bases. And if you want to tame a wild wyvern - you can just lure it to a trap and then tame.

    Read this: Outside base defenses ban request

    And you are happy until an alpha raptor glitches into your base and kills your dinos. This is Ark. People think they dont need turrets, then something like this happens and they blame everyone but themself.

    So now it's not allowed to build on:

    - rich resource spawns

    - beavers/ penguins

    - caves

    - beacons/ drops

    - artifacts

    - volcano

    - obelisks

    - near wyvern nests

    - charge nosed/ plants Z

    - gas collectors/ oil pumps

    That already limits the area available for building.

    Now: every map has some spots where rare dinos spawn. Forbidding building in such places would make over half of every map restricted.

    And yes, that's about crystal wyverns too. Their spawn areas are quite big, also why should they be treated differently and forbid only "blocking" them? All rare dinos should be protected. Below you can see a map of wyvern spawns on CI. If you add to it griffins, unicorns, tropeos and whatnot, we will have only the ocean left for building.

    What people could do, is set the range of their outer turrets to medium/low if they build in an area where rare dinos spawn, but prohibiting building base defences shouldn't happen - we need defences, so not allowing them brings a risk of losing bases to wild dinos.

    And mind that after wipe gachas will be disabled, and that will decrease the size of bases. So please dont limit building on dino spawns any further.

    How are we going to "claim" the shiny dinos?
    Claim, as in, everyone gets the message on screen that "a shiny has appeared on cords x y" and people from different tribes theoretically rush to it. Some want to kill it, some want to tame it. People might start arguing who has the "right" to kill/tame it.... typing "claim shiny" in chat when you get to it or smth? Given people don't abuse the knowledge that a shiny has appeared in the fist place and automatically type claim when it spawns. no matter they are on the other side of the map at that moment...

    Noone's going to claim anything. Tracker is disabled and notification won't show coords. Want a shiny = go hunting.

    Hey guys, i updated the guide with most recent information. Pay attention to this:


    How to upload dino trophies and items from decor mods?

    When opening a tribute inventory, you will see a message asking you to type /upload in chat. By doing this, all your dino trophies and decor items will be uploaded. After traveling to another server, all items allowed on said server will be downloaded to your inventory (example: items from RP decor mod will be downloaded on maps that use this mod). To download your items without traveling, type /download in chat.

    If you travel with full inventory, you will download as many items as your empty slots allow (your character has 300 inventory slots). Example: you upload 200 dino trophies, and have 200 items in your inventory when traveling. Upon arrival to another server, it will download 100 of your items - this many slots you have left. The rest isn't gone of course - just empty your inventory, then type /download in chat and you will get the rest of uploaded items.

    Will there be any map duplicates? Like for example we have gen 1 and gen 2 now, two copies of the same map.

    The only reason for two servers running the same map was the fact that the map is small, and at the beginning many people wanted to play there; having two servers with it provided enough space for all interested players. Hard to say if it will be needed or desired to duplicate Genesis part 2, but in a long term that's not the best idea, population will die out eventually and we'd have two nearly empty servers again ;(

    i would to ask is there is any chance that you guys will enable the element transfer btw maps. this time gacha is disabled right

    ^ Cherie :/

    You know very well that once you learn Ark well enough, the most of your deaths are caused by bugs, glitches, lags, disconnections and whatnot, being careful wont really help.

    "Auto learn all engrams on any map" Any Tek-s?

    You will learn all non-tek engrams, but no more need to jump to all DLCs to learn their engrams.

    Should we continue voting for the server on

    Yes! It will keep the server on a high position, and people who voted before wipe will be rewarded - either by ghost coins paid out after wipe, or otherwise - this is to be decided soon, but definitely worth it!

    For "Custom wild dino level distribution" will you be releasing how that is going to be weighted? Is this going to be a per-species weight, or a general weight applied to the spawns overall?

    It's a global setting, affecting all species in the same way. Most common levels are around 50-80, 130+ (and 5) are more rare.

    Why was this wipe 'unavoidable' as previously stated? What was unavoidable about it?

    Just because the majority of players have done everything possible in the game doesn't mean everyone has! One of the major appeals to playing on Ghost Division was the fact that it was intended as a long-running server

    3 years is quite a long run. The problem is that people who achieved everything got bored and were spoiling newcomers with high level dinos and top quality items for very cheap or free, offering bossrun seats and doing pretty much anything to make new players achieve everything in a week and then leave.

    Besides it's up to server owners what kind of server they want to run, and they didnt feel well about the old one. But the announcement says it all.

    Okay, let's focus on questions again.


    Would you ever consider making Ghost Coins/Ark Bars time limited? So that they would have an expiration, use em or lose em. Maybe that would add a little balance and prevent hoarding and too much of them circulating in the system, the marketplace would have to remain competitive.


    Also, did the team consider adding BP crates to the reward vault? It could be a good GC sink and with limited crafts it wouldn't be OP either. Or should I make this a suggestion post instead of a question here?

    will there be cross server chat this time?

    Will the current assurances for patreons go on after the wipe?

    Will vault rewards be changing?

    ^ These are for you Cherie dear.


    From Discord:

    How rare they (Shinies) are?

    One shiny will spawn on every map in 24 hrs interval. There can be one wild shiny active per map. If it doesnt get tamed/ killed within 24 hrs, it will despawn. If it will be killed/ tamed before that time, next one will spawn according to the remaining timer. Shiny tracker and coords in announcements are disabled. They spawn at levels 130-150.

    What they do while tamed?

    Some shinies are only colored, some have special abilities, read here:…8122/1752402450227658533/

    Some of those shiny types look pretty insane, are they all enabled? Also are they breedable?

    You can breed them with regular dinos, but only colors will be inherited; atm the only blacklisted variant is radioactive. If cloned, the clone will get colors, but not special attributes.

    Can shinies be untameable dinos, like dinos in caves or surface reapers and stuff? Also, I saw on the workshop a shiny magmasaur, that one's basically a wasted spawn right?

    Only tamable dinos can become Shiny. If you get impregnated by shiny queen, the baby should inherit her colors. In case of magmasaurs, wyverns, drakes or dinos - you can steal their essence and apply it to your already tamed ones.

    You can kill enraged shinies, every enraged drops 1 raw essence. With 3 raw essences you can craft a shiny prod. If you poke a shiny with that prod and then kill it within 1 minute, you can steal its essence and apply it to your own tame, giving it the shiny abilities

    So if you have the prod and use it on a wyvern, you can shinify your own wyvern. This is dino specific, stego essence will work only on tamed stego, etc.

    Can you get multiple essence into one dino this way?

    No, only one essence can be applied to a dino.

    Will the AH have a flat fee?

    Flat fee is set to 50 ingots.

    Is ckf removed?

    Yes, it is.

    What time will it wipe around on may 14th

    Most likely in the evening, around 20 CEST; it will be decided and announced when the time comes.

    Is Genesis loot gonna be grindable?

    Yes. Will return 10% of resources.

    Are the gen loot tables from missions and crates also custom?

    Genesis is the only map that keeps vanilla loot tables.