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    there was an update to reward vault in the past adding the missing items to it in the PvP cluster (before it died) I thought maybe they could add this item to reward vault (...)

    I saw Dani making changes in the event server and it didn't even require a server restart to add or remove items from reward vault.

    You're absolutely right, items can be added to the vault via vault's admin UI on a live server, but the item still must exist! And since it's not in game files, it would have to be added with a mod - either this potion mod, or with GD rewards mod if Gunnsen ever finds time and will to create such item (create, not copy-paste, since the original mod isn't open source)

    Maybe instead of adding another mod it could be implemented into reward vault? either this or the brainwash stew (Brainwash Stew is a Mindwipe that retains Engrams) or any of the other similar solutions.

    To add it to the vault, it would still have to be added as a mod. Maybe Gunnsen could create a similar potion and add it to GD rewards mod, but as we know he's very busy atm.

    and dams are the best place to get large quantities.

    There are better ways of getting wood. A good chainsaw + high meele and walk through the redwood - you get a few thousand of wood from every tree. Also therizino maxed in power is great for farming wood; dams give like 300-1000 wood each, so maybe 5k per a beaver pond - that's one redwood tree.

    Also if you want precisely charcoal - take that chainsaw or therizino to volcano areas and farm burned trees, they drop charcoal instead of wood.

    It's a never ending story with the Beaver dams. I can say from experience some dams spawn with just wood aswell.

    I dont think so. I have a base by beaver lake. Farmed 100s of dams in the past months, and not even once found a dam with only wood inside. They always have at least 2 resources.

    But atm we dont have N+, and various reusables have been rejected in the past :P

    This mod is only 2MB, so it's not that bad...

    The most worrying thing is that it lasts 2 minutes and atm it's not configurable, and if your run out of the buff during your crafting session you end up with items without any bonus (imagine crafting 100 tuso/giga saddles and forgetting to watch the timer).

    Just curious, why do you need that much cooked meat?

    Ckfr grill is quite fast (faster than SS i think), i put 2-5 stacks of meat in there after every hatching+chainsawing session and literally drowning in cooked meat, have you tried using that one?

    Thyla would be nice for a race around/across the whole map, since it's also a good swimmer and can climb, it would make the track more interesting.

    Images would explain it better, but mind that

    1. Wall isnt as high as foundation's width

    2. Gacha is 4 walls high so you should count distance from one's head to other's feet, not from feet to feet

    Newcomers can exchange their ghost coins to arc bars with well established players, often with some bonus.

    I sell a wide range of items and dinos mostly for metal, sometimes crystal, pearls and other resources, and i hope to see more people do the same.


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