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    Haha, nice workaround :-D Does this fix the skiff or is it just the fuel that gets fixed? We will wait for a DevKit update and hope that our stack mod gets fixed.

    WC will have to update it on their side. Zen Rowe is aware of it.

    Quote from Hazearil

    They accidentally made it look for an 'exact item class', and a stack mod can only override exact item classes in crafting, not in these cases. The same may be the case for the Iguanodon seed making, haven't checked.

    If Wildcard doesn't fix it, all we can do is add an engram for 'Skiff Fuel' that crafts vanilla element, or remap the Skiff too.

    Why not? People like fancy stuff. This could be used as monthly reward for patrons. The mod could be set to spawn 2-3 shiny dinos per day, with increased amount during events.

    Everyone knows Rare Sightings mod. A mod that brings to the game fancy colored dinos with some effects. It was suggested multiple times in the past, but its author is not exactly sane and the mod itself has huge issues with pretty much everything.

    And then there is Shiny! A new mod, adding special sparkly and shiny buffs to wild dinos without adding new ones. They look really cool and i believe this will make more players go out and explore Ark, instead of sitting in their bases and feeding gachas. The number of wild Shiny dinos, duration of their lifetime, spawn interval, their levels and pretty much everything can be configured.Mod comes with shiny tracker, but its accuracy can be modified or it can be disabled.

    The author is a very experienced modder and a kind person, also he's close to Lethal which ensures perfect compatibility with dino storage and mod functions in general (because we all know that Lethal is a genius and all mods blessed by him have no chance of failing).

    The mod is only 1,2MB so will take a very tiny effect on loading times.

    If the server staff doesn't want to add it to every map, how about adding it only to 2-3 least populated maps to make them more attractive?

    Mod link:…iledetails/?id=2016338122


    Ini options:…8122/1752402450227657371/




























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    You have no idea what you are talking about, do you?

    If you try hard enough, you can run bosses in a week after joining a server with high rates, like GD has. Even if you are solo.

    Genesis hype will calm down within a few weeks, not months. Like always with a new DLC.

    ATM voting reward aren't available on any maps due to mod update and it will take some time to set it up, my bet is that all rewards system will be reworked and then applied to all maps, including genesis. Bringing your own stuff to new map? No, you should defeat that map, learn it first, before bringing all stuff that makes it easier. New maps should be experienced fully, learned the hard way, not the *everything served on a golden plate* way.

    Sleeping bodies? Noone cares, they end up being eaten by wild dinos anyway. Thatch foundations? Admins are cleaning up random structures and inactive bases all the time. They missed something? Let them know.

    Wipe won't solve anything. Not a normal wipe. A server relaunch, with different settings, different mods, plugins, rules, policy... Yes. Every single detail would have to be reworked to create a server that would run in long term and stay fresh and enjoyable, without being flooded by overpowered items and dinos. But that would require an enormous, massive amount of work.

    And if you want to discuss a wipe, this is not the right place for it, so stop being a broken record and dont make any more offtopic here.

    I see people randomly peeking here, and asking in Discord, so to clarify if you missed the info: the reward mod has been updated and requires a heavy maintenance, so currently ingame rewards aren't available until further notice. At the moment you can exchange your ghost coins and use arc bars for trading with other players.

    Voting rewards won't be available on Genesis in the first four weeks after release.

    3.) Have you considered adding an advanced spyglass to see stats or color event days for dinos?

    The PvE cluster mod collection contains an improved Spyglass, for PvP we won’t add it, because it’s too strong.

    If you check the suggestions subforum, a spyglass mod was requested many times and the answer was always the same...

    Also, to see your own stats, target the dino and type /ds in chat.

    No, you can set one orp area with 25 foundations radius and it protects everything inside, but it also makes everything outside of your orp area invulnerable

    Yes, as the description says, ORP bubble protects everything inside. Everything outside doesn't matter to it.

    I've heard of many people wanting to rework S+. Most of these people gave up after digging in it. There's a project called restructures that is collecting ideas, but i dont know if or when it will be released, still it's a vault of ideas. Co-member of this project is the author of Dino Storage so if he finds time and will to actually work on it, there's big hope that this mod will be great (again).

    Server staff is aware of this mod, it was being taken into consideration since the moment it was released, but telling by its popularity it isn't trustworthy enough to run it on the servers now. Probably only time (and feedback) will tell if this mod really fixes the issue and is 100% safe to use. It surely requires intensive testing on the server before owners make a decision.

    Just look at its description... "This is a hacky temp fix not intended to be used forever. Please make yourself comfortable with the idea to switch to one of the upcoming S+ forgs/replacments or make your own if you don't want to disable the pulling system."