How to use GhostData

GhostData is one of our main tools to track ingame changes and offers a lot of information and functions to make your ARK live a little easier. You can find more details on the different overviews and tools in this guide:


If you are logged in to GhostData with your Steam account, you will first see this main overview. From there you can access your profile, see the servers and check when updates were performed. Be aware that any ingame changes will be shown here delayed, GhostData refreshes each map every 30 minutes. Further down you will find additional useful links such as Dododex or Ark Wiki.

Auction House

Here you have an overview of all current ingame auctions, you can search for items / dinosaurs there, set additional filters and check the market offline.

View my profile

Your profile is sort of your personal area with access to a lot of useful info and tools listed below:


This section contains information about your character like your TribeID, Level etc. You can use this to check on which map your character is logged out, it is the one displaying your character’s name.


A very useful tool is the Disconnect button on the top right, it grants you the possibility to kick your character if your game crashes and you cannot log in again because your character is still online.


This is an overview about all your unsouled dinosaurs, separated by map. You can see its current location’s coordinates, food status, base stats, mating cooldown and other useful stuff. It also helps you to easily track a lost dino (or your body lying next to it).

Ghost Coins

This tool allows you to cash out your Ghost Coins you have collected in the forum by voting. It directly exchanges them into the ingame currency.

On top you can see how many Ghost Coins you have currently available. To exchange your Ghost Coins into ingame ARc you just need to enter your desired amount and hit transfer. The ARc are then immediately available in the Reward Vault.


This overview is similar to the Creatures category, it displays all your souls and the coordinates they are located at.


Another overview to help you keep track of all the areas you have built on a map. Since our rules allow only one main base and one outpost per map this gives you the opportunity to find any structures you have forgotten to remove before an admin does.