Simple Race

  • Hi

    This even was successful a few years back on a much smaller server, why not try it here?

    I have 2 Ideas:
    First is to create a track. This can be a simple Roman stile oval race. (image attached). This will allow for members to race against each other and for others to sit and watch.


    Have a cross country style race where each player needs to reach all the checkpoints and the fastest one to reach all and get back to the start point wins. This can be done by each player having to collect something for each check point or something that can prove they have made it to all check points.

    No flyers, wing suites or tek suits. Could even go as far as to say the players arrive naked and are given primitive gear to level the field. This is mainly for defence if doing the cross country option, if its the race track idea, then the gear doesn't matter, as long as there is no flying or cheating.

    The galimimus was the most popular and fastest that we could find when doing this last. I'm sure there are faster ones out there due to DLCs and updates. However, there could be races where only certain dinos are allowed and then free for all races where any land dino is can be entered. (no flying?gliding/Teleproting etc)

    Could even do one with just the equus ?

    It worked pretty well on a small scale, I don't see why it cant work across this cluster.

    Contact me if you have any questions :)

  • Nice thing with the galiminimus is that its available to all players(not a dlc), isn't difficult to tame and the saddle Ingram doesn't require a high player level. Beelzebufo is also an idea for a fun race non serious race.
    Turtle race anyone ?

    I like the idea of categories of weird/useless dinos so that players need to go and find wild dinos to level before the event instead of using a lvl 500 plus one that has ancestors back to 2018