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    1. in one of our first alpha moeder atemps we used a tank megachelon and tek mosas :D was fun to dakakak moeder down RIP Eisbrecher

    2. Same as schmidi :P

    3. Alot of grind :D

    4. we had an epic fight in alpha moon arena where we started with 7 ppl but only 2 survived sadly ^^

    5. Genesis is awsome!

    In the cas of an anky i take and argent out fly to the node and farm it. I switch dinos constandly. Once i got a magma i just afk right click on abbe and gg

    Thanks for your suggestion. Your Event idea has smth to it! I imagined similar things inthe Arena of Trials event idea. The way you present the Event makes it sadly pretty boring.. All tames exept troodon and megachelon are very easy and need nearly no effort anymore. Keep the ideas rolling!

    Implementing this idea into the Arena of Trials asap!

    Here you can vote for the next Event.

    The Event Idea with the most votes will come next!

    You can vote for 1 week, select 2 of the Event ideas and you can change your vote!

    Here you get some short ideas about the Events:

    GD War of the Ancients

    An epic fight between the Forest Fury tribe and the Frozen Wastelanders tribe. Both sides established a base on opposite sides of the area. In the middle the battle begins!! It will be a MOBA style battlefield where players must collect materials to buy new Equipment/Dino's, destroy the enemy towers and in the end annihilate the opposition with the power of the ancient ones!! The Event will be PvP with medieval weaponry and tools!

    GD Mystery Dungeon

    The Oil Baron found a gigantic Structure on unexplored ground. He has no time to map this Dungeon, but he wants you to do it!

    You join with some of his best bodyguards in an epic adventure full of bystery, combat and puzzles. This is mostly an PvE Event.

    Our beloved Oil Baron did not say much more than to prepare your very best!

    GD Scavenger Hunt

    Follow the hints and find your way through the mysteries of this map. Reveal the dark shadows below the Surface! Focus on understanding every hint and finding the next locations! This will be a PvE event for the entire GD community!

    GD Arena of Trials

    The tribe Manticore Warlords invites us to join their arena. The players will have time to tame a certain dino and breed the strongest one of all! After some time your beloved tames will face each other in an annihilation tournament in the arena. While the taming and breeding is going on, PvP will be disabled. The dino for the arena fight will be chosen by the community!!

    Today i had an quick chat with the mighty Oil Baron:

    Oil Baron: Are you prepared for the war?

    Dani: The players are preparing their armys!

    Oil Baron: I finished shipping all items too.

    Dani: That's great! Do you know at what time we win or will they surrender?

    Oil Baron: Well they will not surrender ever, but they stole my Golden Dodo some time ago. Bring me back my little treasure and I will call you the victor.

    Dani: So we just need to secure that Dodo?

    Oil Baron: Well last time I saw him they took him in their main Base.

    Dani: We will bring you the Dodo back!

    Oil Baron: If you manage to do that I will work out a big reward for all of you!

    Dani: Hmm what kind of reward?

    Oil Baron: Last time I could extend a breeding event of your servers with some of my Money, maybe if i spend some more I can “convince” your Leaders to make something even greater!

    Dani: That's sounds awesome! We will do our best to bring you back your treasure!

    Oil Baron: I hope so. I miss this little guy..

    The Event will be at 4pm CET we will open the Server at that time. Player can then join from the PvE Cluster and build a small Fob at the Beach. Player will be able to download their Dinos on that server! So you need to upload all Dinos you want to bring beforehand. From there they can start scouting/ attacking the main base over the mountain.

    Once all Transmitters are destroyed the main base will lose its power supply, and we can freely attack it without worries about the Turrets and shields!

    And please download this mod before the Event: Click me!

    We will see you on the Battlefield!

    Your Event Team

    Finally the wait is over!

    The BeachBobys told us a date and time.

    Saturday the 25th 4pm CEST (German Time)

    You will bring your Dino's in per download, prepare your forces and then clash with the enemy on the Battlefield!

    But how does the Event work? Well the Team prepared a little Event trailer for you to watch!

    Please revisit this POST now to maybe correct your answer!

    For all questions that are still open please contact the Event team in the official Event Discord channel.

    We see you in Battle!

    Your Event Team

    Please tick the “Yes" option if you would like to participate at the event.

    Select "No" if you are not interested in joining!

    All Infos about the Event are HERE!


    your Event Team

    Preparations for the big PvP Event are nearly completed!

    We try to host the Event in the next weeks. Further Information are coming soon!

    I want to know the estimated Player count who would like to join the event, that's why I would ask you to make a quick tick in this POST!

    For the Event you need to bring your own Dino's! All items you will need will be provided. (Structures for FOBs, Guns, Ammo, Armor/Equipment, Saddles and Food. There will be no tek items except Mek Shields.)


    I'm on the PvP cluster can I join too?

    -Yes but u need a Character from the PvE cluster. You cannot bring any Dino's from the PvP cluster to the Event.

    I play on CI, how can I bring my Dino's?

    -if the Team decides to open Transfer of CI you can upload them like on all other Servers. If they keep CI closed, you cannot bring your Dino's.

    How will the Event work?

    -The whole cluster fights together against 1 big Tribe.

    What are the rewards?

    -That is a surprise!

    If my Dino's die will I get them back?

    -No if they die, they died in glorious combat.

    If you have more questions please ask them in the Discord channel, I will answer them asap!

    Today i had a quick converssation with the Oil Baron:

    Dani: So Mister Oil Baron, do you got any news for us about the raid?

    Oil Baron: Well, I contacted the BeachBobys, and they were shocked. They did not think you would choose such a strong target.

    Dani: Hmm, can you maybe provide some for information about them?

    Oil Baron: ohh Yes, of course! The have their main base is on Ragnarok now and the spot is far up the mountain.

    Dani: The so called “alpha pillar“?

    Oil Baron: Not at all. They choose a spot that's near the beaches of the map.

    Dani: Makes sense.

    Oil Baron: But they still need some preparation time.

    Dani: What are they preparing?

    Oil Baron: They told me most of the time is consumed by forging a new set of chain for their mighty beasts.

    Dani: About the Legend is it true?

    Oil Baron: Well I can't confirm it with my own eyes, but they told me in our last conversation to show you this picture and tell you to “Prepare for carnage“

    Dani: That doesn't look good for us!

    Oil Baron: Maybe you have bitten of more than you can chew. But we will see.

    Dani: can I have that picture to prepare our Tribes?

    Oil Baron: Of course! Once I have new information I will contact you ok?

    Dani: Sounds great! Thank you for sharing those new Information!

    So now that the great Oil Baron presented us all of his competitors we need to choose.

    If you haven't seen the introductions of the Warlords you can find them HERE.

    The Oil Baron has given us 24 hours to decide. (Voting is open till 5 pm CET 27.05)

    Then we know which of the 5 Warlords you will face on the Battlefield.

    Your Event Team

    The mighty Oil Baron just sended me over the rest of the Infos so now we know all 5 Competitors!


    The Bobys where the first Tribe to assist the Oil Baron far back in the day on Island. They had a great time together but after some years they separated. This tribe still owes the Oil Baron ~1.6 million GC, so they still work for him as tax enforcers.

    Then they started raiding everyone on every other Server, those Players collected all the spoils of war. After all this time they have become the most ambitious tribe on the Server.

    Scouting reports can't tell any flaw in neither offensive nor defensive capabilities.

    Rumor say that they even tamed the strongest creature of the Ark.


    The tribe ForestFury is the youngest of the five Oil Baron companions. After destroying many oil manufacturing station of the Baron he sent his private army to get rid of the aggressor. He was pretty impressed after they defeated the hole army without losing one person. So he hired them for combat in such situations.

    The dense Forest of the Ark are very good hiding spot. Ambushed and stealth tactics are common here. Those survivors specializes in hidden combat. Scouts could just report and increased number of spider webs in this area.

    The myths about this tribe are to wild to be true.


    Those warriors are the personal bodyguard of the mighty Oil Baron. Only the name of this tribe brings fear into the hearts of others.

    The harsh environment of the scorched land is the most brutal place to live in the arks. Only Survivor who could adapt fast could survive. Scouting report found near nothing, only rocks and hills of sand …

    Their tactics vary from direct assaults up to ambush strikes.

    Survivor of an attack told the tale of a flying horror. All Survivors died shortly after the attack even if they could run away from the initial combat.

    Thats true too. wasnt thinking about that

    This Forum post is meant for Duscussion and communication so i think you can do that here.

    Tell us what items you may need, maybe the oil barons reads this post too.

    You get C4 and Rocketlauncher from the Oil Baron. He will provide all items you may need.

    And as an oldschool PvP Player i can tell you for shure just gigas and Rexes will not work, cause both can be easly countered. i think a good mixture of Dinos is the way to win.

    Genesis is one of the easiest maps to farm most mats apart from organic poly and there are still good ways to farm it, just takes a bit longer than other maps. I don't think it is about difficulty more just getting some use out of all the useless junk you get that you can't do anything with but throw away.

    i mean in the endgame yes. But if you could just non stop grind Missions for stuff in the early game it would be to easy i think