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    As the Event team we wanted to show you our plans for upcoming Events!

    We get a lot of good suggestions for fun Event ideas, keep them coming.

    We created a small Roadmap so you guys can see on what we are working at this time and what are the plan for the future. Furthermore, we will continuously update this post with fresh content.

    Ideas or Mechanics of the EventStatus
    Ragnarok Race
    A big Race across the hole map
    in work; coming soon
    Wrath of the Tribes
    Siege focused PvP Event on a Custom Map
    in work
    Mysterie Dungeon 2.0
    Secretin planning
    Flappy Gasbag
    Flappy Gasbag says it all
    in planning

    Also we plan many small Events in the meantime, like Screenshot contests, Build-off's and Annihaltion Tournaments.

    Noted! We like the Idea, but at the moment we have 2 big Events in work that take up alot of time for us. We will look into a race Event more, if the Community likes one.

    3 Day left to register for the Event! On Friday the 18th at 21:00 CET the registrations will close.

    On Saturday 19th December at 6 pm UTC the Event will start, first we will open the Event server so everybody can join and bring their compys.

    ! Important !→ You may only bring Dinos/items to the Server, we will not allow you to bring anything from the Event server to the main cluster afterwards.

    Be careful so u don't lose important gear!

    We will provide Armor, food, mounts and Fun items on the Event Server!

    Glowsticks are stricktly forbidden, anyone seen using glowsticks will end up in the acid lake.

    Your Event Team

    We got an invitation from our beloved oil Baron today:

    Dear Survivors,

    I'm hosting an Annihilation Tournament on my private island in the south.

    I would like to invite all of you to join in and show off the might of your Tames!

    The combatants will be Compys, those little wannabe Allos.

    Your Event Manager will organize the rest!

    Your Oil Baron

    The Compy Annihilation Tournament will be on the 19th December at 6 pm UTC.

    Your Compys must comply with the following rules:

    Your Team can contain up to 5 Compys.

    They must be named like this: "YourTribeName"-ArenaCompy"1-5"

    What do I need to do to join the Event?

    First things first you must sign up for the Event via DM towards me. That means you must write me a short message containing your Tribename and Playernames . Once I reply to the Message you are officially signed in.

    On the Day of the Event we will open up the Event server for Transfer so you can bring your Compys over.

    The 1st Place Reward is a Level 250 Void Wyvern!

    All other Rewards will be determined by the Number of Tribes joining!

    If u have any more questions about the Event please post them in the Eventchannel on Discord or Dm the Event Team!

    Hope to see you in the Arena,

    Your Event Team

    We present you the three Winner of our Halloween Screenshot Contest!

    First Place: elvereth


    Second Place: Squamata


    Third Place: Kat


    Congratulations to all Winners, you can claim your Reward via Ticket.

    Big thanks to everyone who submited a Screenshot!

    Your Event Team!

    Should admins be active players? They have special powers which they can use in their own benefit. Some can use god mode to play in difficult zones to easy get best bps. They can use creative mode to get all the items they need. These kind of guys spoil common players' game. They can sell all the best stuff on auction house, stuff aquired through unfair ways. I think who chosed to be admin to give up being an active player. Or give up to admin position.

    What do you think people?

    You posted this: "These kind of guys spoil common players' game. They can sell all the best stuff on auction house, stuff aquired through unfair ways." So guys is pointing towards the admin players.

    Schmidi just played for a ton of time, thumper had everything before he became admin so what player do you acuse and for what exatly?

    Does the screenshot contest count for this? It's super cool, I want one lol.

    The Halloween contst does not reward a Void wyvern.

    Hehe I already see myself and my mighty void wyvern flying proudly through ARK's sky and then losing it to some BS I had no control over. :D;(

    That would be typical for me.

    Could we clone just one for personal use to be safe from losing such a "rare" creature? So a strict one reward one clone of it thing. Would be nice.

    No we will not allow ppl to clone the wyvern so they stay unique.

    We added a new Reward participation in the Events.

    You will obtain a Void Wyvern!

    Here is a short trailer of what you can expect:

    The Void Wyverns will only be obtainable by Event participation or as reward for winners of Events/Contests by the Event Team.


    Void wyvern are forbidden to be cloned or sold!

    Void Wyvern may not be multiplied by breeding!

    If you lose your Void Wyvern there will be no refund.

    The mod is pretty small and will be installed on the Cluster soon.…iledetails/?id=1885486731

    If you have any more question ask them in the Event channel in the Discord

    Your Event Team

    Well i like the tombstone idea, its a great way to get your corpse bag. BUT if you know the old days without the green light over your corpse and seeking the bag in the bushes was a pain.

    But if my corpse stucks away somehow i get it 95% of the time with a transfertool. or if the corpse lands somewhere realy bad i just transfer my loot back. Of course if u fall through the ground or smth thats not possible.

    in my opinion i like the tombstone idea if they stay for like 30 min and then despawn as normal, just a way to ensure a lootable "object" with your loot inside.

    But again many players dont want more mods so i dont give you much hope.

    Dear Ghost Division Community,

    for this Halloween we planned not only a Mysterious Adventure in the catacombs of an unexplored ARK, but also a Screenshot contest!

    We like to encourage you to send in your most awesome Halloween themed screenshot. There will be special prices for the three Winners. The Winners will be determined by the Event team and the number of likes that post has received from the Community!


    Every member of our Ghost Division community is allowed to submit ONE screenshot.

    The screenshot must be Halloween themed.

    It is only permitted to submit screenshots of your own creatures and buildings.

    The Screenshot must be taken on our Servers.

    Each screenshot has to be its own post in this thread and has to contain only the screenshot and a quick Headline for it.

    It is not allowed to edit a post you previously made. Edited posts will be disqualified.

    It is strictly forbidden to create forum accounts to manipulate the votes. This can result in a community ban.

    The contest ends October 31th at 0 UTC.

    We may use screenshots for advertising purposes!


    First Place: 3 Dino recolor Tokens + 25 Ghost Coins

    Second Place: 2 Dino recolor Tokens + 20 Ghost Coins

    Third Place: 1 Dino recolor Token + 10 Ghost Coins

    For question please use the Eventchannel in the Discord!

    Your Event Team

    The time has come!

    The Oil Baron detected a Distress call from a not yet explored ARK.

    He asked for our help finding the source of this signal.

    The Event is a mix of Puzzles, Combat and Platforming (its easy this time I swear) .

    It's not a Horror Event, just a bit spooky for the season!

    The Event will be at the 24th of October, starting 2pm UTC

    We will open the Event at: 1:40 UTC

    Event server ip:

    You will create a new Character that day.

    The following classes will be playable:

    The Bruiser

    The Assault

    The Technician

    The Scout

    The Demolition Expert

    You can purchase the class gear at Reward Vaults you can find all around the Event.

    Players are not allowed to buy 2 Class sets and mix them, ignoring that rule will end in an exclusion from the Event!

    We hope to see you at the Event!

    Your Event Team

    Dear Players,

    I will now finish my work on the Mystery Dungeon Event.

    For the preparations for this Event I wanted to ask all Players in which mode you would like the Event:


    Work together to overcome obstacles and defeat the Dungeon as a Team, no solo victory!


    You need nobody else, survival of the fittest!

    Please choose the mode you would like most in this post!

    Your Event Manager


    1. in one of our first alpha moeder atemps we used a tank megachelon and tek mosas :D was fun to dakakak moeder down RIP Eisbrecher

    2. Same as schmidi :P

    3. Alot of grind :D

    4. we had an epic fight in alpha moon arena where we started with 7 ppl but only 2 survived sadly ^^

    5. Genesis is awsome!

    In the cas of an anky i take and argent out fly to the node and farm it. I switch dinos constandly. Once i got a magma i just afk right click on abbe and gg

    Thanks for your suggestion. Your Event idea has smth to it! I imagined similar things inthe Arena of Trials event idea. The way you present the Event makes it sadly pretty boring.. All tames exept troodon and megachelon are very easy and need nearly no effort anymore. Keep the ideas rolling!

    Implementing this idea into the Arena of Trials asap!