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    i see the attraction of this but and this is a big thicc one if stryders where active more than just events its turns all other maps(for new/old) into pointless crap with no real need to build on them apart from tame count and location.
    In my opinion there are 2 reasons i just dont see this happening,

    1 Performance, the server lags hard when someone is using a stryder i have a 1gb connection and a £10k streaming pc setup and i still feel it especially when element is in space,

    2 Easy farming makes the beginner experience so far from the concept there is no "fair" way to balance them and just like gachas they make farming trivial and have no place within the clusters concept.

    1. What? I've got far worse pc than you and i didn't experience something like that. Kinda false argument
    2. Like i said before, with decreased rates on gen2, they wouldn't farm much. They would make everything quicker, that's all. Also you can compare them to gachas... cmon mate. There is a way to make them balanced, otherwise they wouldn't even appear on farming event.

    i agree. they're not op in farming, especially with decreased rates on gen 2. With or without them, nothing will change. Stryders are making farming much easier so that's probably why they're disabled. (it doesn't match their cluster concept)
    At least we can fight... maybe there's a chance that they will add them...

    well, you can come here with a drill tho, place a beacon at the entrance, tp skiff underwater so it gets stuck right at the entrance and transfer metal from your inv when ur full. without beacons inside, I think there's no other way.

    I don't think that it's more efficient than farming it normally on surface with magma tho

    wouldnt call it a best item because it's only armour that is expensive to craft, repair and easy to lose. Before i would be able to do 1000 alpha boss fights, server would be already wiped. It's like 3+ years (1 fight a day). But hopefully ya'all gonna do good job to that and maybe upgrade it.

    Also the screenshots cannot be right. For every boss you do you get element, the trophy (both 100% drops) + 2 items from the Tek item pool. For 7 bosses on Island you get 14 Tek items / structures and also more trophies, on Valguero there are missing the trophies completely and 2 more items (one of them was a tek trough you said) so better check your dino's inventories.

    Yes i said in the message that i gave away some tek structures like cloning chamber and we pulled out element, because it was mostly about loot (you can see on screenshot tek shield, grenade launcher etc), and that's why i didn't include boss trophies also. I included flags so you can see that they're from bosses but I can send ss with trophies.

    I know you as a team want to make this loot special, but be honest, after 1 year does anyone have tek armor blueprint that can reach max? The other loot is fine, like longnecks, shotguns itd. It's rare, but you can get nice blueprints. Is there any proof that maxed tek is possible to get? As an end game player that's my goal, but I doubt it's possible.

    So, there was posejdoon's sugestion about buffing OSD's, but the team decided to buff bosses(idk why, kinda weird), but straight to the point. The problem is that loot from bosses is even worse now. After the announcement was made, we did several bosses on: The Island (2x dragon, 2x monke, 3x broodmother. And on the screenshot below you can see all we got. Tek through? Shield generator? The sugestion was about tek armor blueprints. We gave away things like cloning chambers to other people, because it was just weird to get worse loot now. Before the announcement we actually did get some tek armors (300-400 armor) crappy, but we did, and now?

    Alpha guardians loot on Valguero (forgot to insert tek through here)

    Alpha Island bosses (2x dragon, 2x monke, 3x spider) (dont mind the amount of element, we took some of it.

    So there's my suggestion:
    Buff OSD's because it's still impossible to get maxed tek armor bp, or add decent chance of getting decent tek armor bp from alpha bosses. Probably it won't get accepted, but we gotta deal with then. Have a nice day everyone.

    Yeah to be fair I am pretty sure the suggestion will get a no but I also really do enjoy building detailed bases with extensive gardens so putting the suggestion out there in the hopes it might get a yes ^^

    The light version of the trees mod should be fine actually