PvP Season 4 - Wipe Oct 2nd 6pm UTC

Dear PvP Community,

after our last seasons were designed to suit the hardcore pvp player base our next season will have a more casual approach. Most of the feedback we got in the past, especially from leaving tribes, were about the bad server atmosphere and the harsh conditions for smaller or new tribes. With the new concept we aim for a long running and friendly season that allows fair and fun PvP instead of griefing and bullying

We hope you enjoy the new concept and help us establish a working Ark PvP community, something that the scene is missing lately

The PVP settings will be as follows:


Ragnarok Aberration Extinction The Center Crystal Isles Genesis Beginner Map (Ragnarok)

More maps can be added if the server population is healthy enough

Server Rates

3x Harvesting 3x XP 3x Taming 10x Breeding


Nominal Structures 2.0 Dino Storage v2 TCs Auto Rewards Remove CryoPods MAGA ORP Structure

Server Plugins

MAGA Tribe Log Relay Tribe Slot Cooldown Advanced Dino Colors Ark Modified Spawn Level Distribution PvP Scheduler

Adjusted Rules

Our new rules can as always be found on our website

Beginner Map

New players can join our beginner map (Ragnarok) to prepare for the real fight in the PvP cluster

All players will be auto banned from this map 7 days after they first joined
Structure damage is disabled, open PvP is allowed
Travelling and transfer is only possible into the cluster, not back to the beginner map. Make sure to bring everything you need with you

Offline Raid Protection

Tribes will be able to protect one area with full ORP. You can craft and build the ORP structure with level 1 for 1 Thatch

ORP area has 30 foundation radius
The activation time of the Offline Raid Protection depends on actions performed before logging out
All PvP actions result in a PvP-Cooldown. This cooldown is also announced ingame:
Player vs. player / player vs. creatures / player vs. turrets: 5 minute cooldown
Player vs. structures (only if damage is dealt to a structure): 20 minute cooldown
When logging out without active PvP-Cooldown the ORP-timer is 5 minutes
When logging out with active PvP-Cooldown the ORP-timer is 180 minutes

Raid Protection

Instead of offering raid protection like we did in the past we now implemented two days a week without any structure damage. The raid protection was heavily abused, with the new system every tribe has the same possibilities

Raid-free time: Tuesday 5PM UTC - Thursday 5PM UTC

Tribe Log Relay

You can create a webhook to your personal Discord and add it ingame to your tribe. Every new tribe log entry will be pushed to your Discord that way and you will never miss an important event like dinos dying, getting raided or just the birth of your new monstrosities. Use /TLR <Discord Webhook> to set up your Discord webhook via ingame chat.

General Settings

120 Base Levels + 30 Ascension Levels + 5 Chibi Levels = Max Player Level 155

Custom stack sizes

Wild Dino Level 150 (180 TEK) + Taming Bonus + 90 Tamed Dino Levels

150 Max Turrets

5 Tribe Members

Alliance between two tribes allowed (one alliance per tribe, two tribes per alliance)

350 active Dinos per tribe

1 arc bar per hour in game time

Voting Rewards

Item Stat Clamp Enabled

Buffed element drops on Center and Crystal Isles bosses

Beginner Packs for quick start are available in the reward vault

Element Dust transfer is active, Element and Element Shards are blocked

No Titan taming

Damage on non-passive dinos is active
No ammo used during ORP

24 hour Cooldown on tribe slot

N+ Settings:

No Dino Scan

Water Intake everywhere

No teleporters and TEK generators on saddles

No pickup of damaged structures

No fully transparent glass structures

Dino Storage Settings:

Mirror to CryoPods

All automatization features disabled

Keeps costumes, helmets and weapons

Release in caves allowed

Release near enemy structures allowed

Cuddle type will NOT change on souling a baby dino

Item stat clamp will be applied to souled items

Souls will decay after 30 days if not put in a powered soul terminal

Cryo Nerf and Cryo Sickness enabled

No passive charge in souls except XP

Blocked Engrams from Nominal Structures:

Auto Crafter AutoTurret Ballista AutoTurret Cannon

AutoTurret Flame AutoTurret Minigun AutoTurret Plant

AutoTurret Rocket AutoTurret Tranq Blueprint Maker

Ceiling Repulser Charge Injector Charge Station

Converter Gacha Gavager Gas Collector Tek Mutator

Incinerator Item Translocator Nanny

Planet Shield Tek ATV Tek Forcefield Tek Forge

Tek Stove Trapdoor Moonpool Underwater Cube

Underwater Cube Sloped Underwater Moonpool

Underwater Door All XL Structures All Turrets

All Metal, Glass and Tek Platform Structures

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    • All Metal, Glass and Tek Platform Structures are blocked too