The Ghost Division Newsflash - August 25th

Dear community,

as some of you may already know Wildcard decided to change the rates once again an double XP, Harvest and Taming rates. As they already did before the will change the rates in the core code of ARK: Survival Evolved instead of just increasing rates on their official clusters. This is why we have to adjust our rates aswell to not change the current gameplay. Breeding rates will not be changed though, so at least those reates remain the same.


  • We are currently running the cluster with x3 rates for Harvesting and XP. We will increase these rates setting them to x2 for the new rates.
  • Taming will be set to x5 so there will be no change ingame
  • We will change banners and advertising within the next weeks to prevent unnecessary discussions


  • The PvP cluster will be wiped as Season 3 is dead already and there is no sense in making big changes to a dead season.
  • We will host 2 Fun Servers while we are preparing a concept for Season 4
    • (New) Rates: H/T/XP x25 - B x50
    • Ragnarok and Valguero
    • Valguero Dino and Map Extension
    • Turrets on platforms allowed
    • 10 players per tribe
    • Element transferable
    • Auto Engrams
    • Awesome Teleporters
  • We will keep you updated about our plans for season 4

That's it for now,

Your Ghost Division Team