PvP Rules

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PvP - Serverrules

General Rules

  • Names of tribes, players and dinos must be PEGI 0.
  • Cheating/ bugusing/ glitching is forbidden.
  • Use German or English in Global-Chat (Voice-, Ally-, Tribe- and Local are free for every language).
  • Exploiting the ORP is forbidden. Raiding a base within the 7-minute timer is allowed, while logging out during a raid as the defender is forbidden (combat logging).
    • Combat logging allegations have to be proven by the attacking tribe in form of screenshots or videos. Only screenshots showing the ingame date, player name and tribe affiliation will be valid (keep "H" key pressed on the keyboard).
  • Avoiding the ORP is forbidden.
  • If you’ll be inactive for more than 7 days, then please tell one of our team members or we will delete all tribestructures without warning.
  • Changing the tribename makes you lose all your rights like (e.g. your own raidprotection) but you will keep your duties like (e.g. raidprotection of others).
  • You will only get raidprotection when your mainbase got attacked. In case of dispute the team will say what is or rather was the mainbase. The risk of attacking other bases of the same tribe takes the raider. Make sure it’s not the mainbase you attacked first, otherwise your tribe gets banned. If needed the raider must proof and say why he thought the base wasn’t the mainbase.
  • Tribes must be online for at least 7 hours within 2 weeks.

Behaviour Rules

  • Unnecessary destruction of structures is forbidden. As such structures count: open workbenches, cabinets etc.! The complete extinction of an entire base is also unnecessary. In case of dispute, the server team decides whether the destruction was unnecessary or not.
  • Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse.
  • Behaviour that harms the atmosphere on the server is forbidden. We will decide if it was a bad behaviour or not. For example, instead of saying player XY is cheating you could collect proofs and open a thread in our support forum.
  • Daily raiding of a tribe - also through various tribes (e.g. through unofficial alliances) - is forbidden. Everyone has the right to build up! 24 hours must elapse between two raids of one and the same tribe. If its necessary the raider must prove that.
  • It's not allowed to protract a raid. In case of dispute, the server team decides whether the raid was too long or not.
  • Players may be arrested up to 60 minutes. The time of the prisoner counts. If the guards have to go offline, then they must kill the prisoner or let him free.

Building Rules

  • Blocking resources/ beacons/ artifacts of any kind is forbidden. This includes beaver & penguin spawns. (It is allowed to build in underwater caves).
  • Old structures must be demolished. This includes abandoned, raided and unneeded structures (for example, rafts, fishing spots & taming boxes) or we will delete all without a warning.
  • Reserving construction sites is forbidden (for example, with foundations, pillars or gates).
  • It's forbidden to build in the underworld of The Center.
  • It's forbidden to build on or around the volcano.
  • The obelisks must not be built and must be should be reachable by foot. Parking dinos is forbidden as well. We will delete the stuff that is on platforms without a warning.
  • Building on ice floes is not allowed.
  • Enclosed areas must be mostly filled immediately. It's not allowed to keep these areas blocked by placeholders.

Last Update: 29.05.2018