Automated Voting Reward System for PvP

With the exception of Extinction we've added the reward vault to all PvP maps. The cluster is old enough that rewards can be given out (except for Extinction). Just learn the reward vault engram, craft the vault and place it in your base. You can purchase your own rewards there at any time w/o having to ask for an admin if you have just enough ARc Bars.
What ARc Bars are and how the vault works is described in the "How To" that is available in our forum: Big PVE Cluster Update: Ingame-Currency & Shop & Dino Preview
The tutorial was originally for PvE but it's the exact same procedure and packs for the PvP cluster, except for Extinction, and with a few limitations on Aberration ofc. Please read the entire thread carefully and ask properly for ARc Bars or the ticket will be dismissed. The exchange ratio of Ghost Coins to ARc Bars is 1:1
Please note that ARc Bars, as item, are vulnerable to crashes i.e. ARc Bars can get lost during a server crash if you were having them with you at that time or can get stolen and WE WILL NOT REPLACE LOST ARC BARS!
In case you are missing a certain reward item o dino please send us a ticket and let us know what you'd like to see added. If enough requests are coming in and we agree then we'll add that item or dino to the system ASAP.

Enjoy your stay and best wishes,

The Ghost Division Team


-Server Owner-