PvP-Cluster Relaunch

Hello survivors,

Ghost Division proudly announces the long-awaited relaunch of our PvP cluster.

The cluster has all offical maps: The Island, The Center, Ragnarok and Aberration while we're waiting for the arrival of Extinction.

The rebalancing serves a heavily skill based gameplay - mass alone works no longer:

  • H/XP x3, T/B x10
  • Small tribes - 6 members
  • No official alliances
  • 150 player level: 120 XP level + 30 ascension level
  • 150 Wild Dino + TB + 125 XP level
  • 150 turret limit
  • 200 tame limit per tribe (Dino Storage Mod can be added when necessary)
  • Adapted speed and crafting skill
  • Custom drops with increased BP chance
  • Mods: Structures Plus, StackMeMore, Super Spyglass
  • ORP is active, 15 min. cooldown

The cluster will be launched on Friday 12.10.2018 at 08:00pm / 20:00 o'clock MESZ/GMT+1 (Europe)

The cluster will be launched on Friday 10/12/18 at 02:00pm PST (America)

The Ghost Division Team


-Server Owner-

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    • Hi! when will more specific rules come out?

    • Looking Forward to Launch Great work everyone :)