PvP Reborn - New server concept - Wipe May 31st 2019

Dear Pvp Community,

during the last few weeks and months a lot of annotations, suggestions and some critic about our PvP servers reached us. And because we also have a strong desire to offer the best PvP experience to our players we sat together and looked over all your input. We then reviewed a lot of mods and plugins, talked to developers and looked for the perfect addition to our community.

The biggest problem with the former concept was the combat logging. Many of us know the frustration after preparing a raid for a long time, spying on your enemy, discussing tactics and then right after the first shots have been fired the ORP timer appears. To solve this problem we bought a plugin for our servers and did some intensive testing on it.

To push all the changes through as soon as possible and to provide a fun PvP experience again we will wipe the PvP servers on May 31st, 2019 and restart with the new concept. As a little thank you gift for all your input and loyalty and to celebrate the new beginning we will host a special dino event on that weekend for you (20x taming, 20x breeding). In addition to this we will place S+ Transmitters with active dino scans on all obelisks (at the portal on Aberration).

We are proud to present our new PvP concept:

  • New ORP system: ORP timer depends on PvP situations
  • Higher farming rates for faster rebuild after a raid
  • More building opportunities due to adapted building rules
  • More PvP opportunities, i.e. foundation wipes - fight for your preferred spots!

Until server wipe we will disable ORP, there will be no gameplay rules and no support and farming rate will be lifted to x20. You should be able to have some fun with that.

We will start the cluster with four well-known maps (The Island, Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction). On top of that we want to give you the opportunity to discover new, unknown regions. That is why we ask you to make suggestions for a fifth map. We will test those maps and add the best one to our cluster.

You can submit map suggestions here: Map suggestion Thread

You can find our new rules here: PvP rules

You get all the information on our new ORP system here [Link will be added later]

We are really happy to have you as our community and wish you a lot of fun on the Ghost Division servers.

Best regards,

Your Ghost Division Team