Happy Birthday PvE

Dear PvE Community,

one year ago our PvE cluster has been wiped. We want to celebrate this day - in form of special events. YOU are our servers and therefore you have to get the birthday presents:

  1. Screenshot event: Send in your best screenshots in two categories “Creature” and “Buildings” and win some awesome prizes. You can find more information here: [Event] Screenshot Contest
  2. We will host a dino scan and breeding event on the weekend 24-27 of May, 2019.
  3. On Saturday, May 25th 2019, we will place presents all over the map. Just look for S+ metal storages placed by the tribe “PvE Birthday”

We are thankful and proud to have you as this community, we built something awesome here all together. Let’s continue our journey for some more years!

Best regards and have fun,

Your Ghost Division Team

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    • happy birthday

    • Hey, happy birthday :)

    • Happy birthday everyone! thanks for the good work!

    • breeding event woop woop

    • Woot! Thanks for the awesome support you guys have been providing us.

    • Cheers, congratulations guys! And of course, many thanks!

    • Great initiative, keep up the good work !

      Oh and happy b-day cluster ^^