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  • Hey Thumperman, thx for anwer on ticket but there was 2 single foundations, one was close to water. Did u remove it to?

  • Dear ThumperMan,

    noone likes beggars.

    Also your fee for admin rights hasn´t been transferred yet. So in addition to the 800 GC you owe me I also took 200 GC (25%) dunning fees.

    It was nice to do business with you and don´t forget owner rights are double the price, so let me know if you are interested.

    Yours sincerely


    For any kind of suggestions or criticism please contact CalaBAN

  • hi i want to buy a breading pair of TEK Rexes

  • Hi man,

    I have seen your rex sadles on the AH and i was wondering what you crafting skill is? I have a crafter lvl 251 with all points in crafting.

    Thought maybe we can share so both can get realy good sadlles?

    Just a tought.... :)