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    Or we just take some rusty nails and punch them through our knee, we can show them off on meetings and tell stories about how we used to be an adventurer.

    I used to be a crafter like you. Then I took a raptor to the knee.

    Dear PvP players, time for your input again! Help us deliver an awesome Season 4! We are open to suggestions that would help us give everyone an awesome experience! Please leave all suggestions here as we can track them easily and bring them up in our meetings to discuss them!


    I was just reading that wiki page for other reasons today, noticed that setting, and since this thread had "In discussion" label I just felt like mentioning it. could you pls decline or close threads like this to prevent misunderstandings?

    The post has other potential ideas that will be discussed. We will close this when we have made a decision about all parts of it.

    If you can check the earlier messages in this thread, a lot of the bugs have been listed out. Since many of these bugs are considered by the team to be detrimental to the atmosphere on the cluster, the decision to switch to soul traps was made. We understand that some people were upset, but the advantages of the DS mod over the cryopods were too many and too significant to not make a change.

    I've played on a server with the same/similar feature. And I agree that this mod is way bigger QoL change than it looks, so I'm voting for it with both hands :thumbup::thumbup:

    Also if it will prevent automatic breeding from a babies, players who like to keep dinos on non-stop mating, will be happy :D

    Fyi this is not allowed. Would HIGHLY recommend not doing this as you will get in trouble.

    Instead of allowing unsouling close to enemy bases I'd rather add a rule to only open teleporters that are build on at least one pillar so no one get's stuck.

    This was suggested by someone and categorically denied (rightly so IMO, no one is forcing you to risk using an open teleporter).

    On the other hand as soon as you have spawned somewhere you can easy manage to build a 1 foundation hut with a single bed in it with not much hassle that could serve as your entry point from that day on if you just visit the server from time to time and don't want to build a whole base.

    This is encouraged of course but not always possible, especially if you spawn into someone's base with a bunch of stuff on you.

    Another thing that came to mind was the idea of a public spawn point so to speak. I am not sure if you can "unlock" a bed to let anyone spawn there, but if that is possible it would be easy to create some kind of server entry zone on each server. Just a collection of bunkbeds in a small area protected by some walls with unlocked gates or doors of course. Could be made out of stone or metal so it does not need any maintenance or mad out of tek with tek gen and a public teleporter to act as a starting point for server visitors so that they can teleport to other players bases if they want to buy stuff for example.

    Afaik, beds are tied to a specific tribe, so this is not possible imo. Suggestion of tek to build the base is not good and I'm sure it wont be considered.

    Honestly with the hype done, I would favour transfers being open. With current base building rules in place, it should be fine. This change allows people to breed water dinos on other maps, and would allow people to complete missions without relying on others (on higher difficulties).

    I think a narrow-minded approach of "keeping transfers closed because I want things to remain as is" which a few people are espousing is not healthy as no one really wants to "destroy" the server. Have noticed a lot of people saying this so idk and seen a lot of no-honour play going around, but there are (I hope) several discussions going on to try and combat this.

    Also this is PvE what is the point of having long-term bred dinos if you are not going to use them? More people farming missions = more blueprints to go around and people can actually get things done without having to spend GC on buying stuff like GC and crafts from others.

    Ark is a game to be enjoyed. Pretty sure it isn't a marketplace for a significant majority of the players who come to GD.

    Also disagree with the two server system. Either open both or leave both closed. Doesn't seem fair to the players who built on one of the maps to be penalized for not being able to transfer by virtue of the server they started on. Same issue with the two-server, two loot-pool system.

    Given that it has been around 4-5 months since genesis has been released and a LOT of people have finished the alpha boss on both maps, there is no reason to still keep it closed imo.

    Also having no voting-rewards on genesis needs to be changed. Same reason as above.