Cluster Settings

General Settings

Harvesting x2 (Genesis: Part 2 x1)
Taming x3
XP x2
Egg hatch speed x10
Baby mature speed x10
Cuddle interval x0.26
Mating interval x0.5
Max. level 250 (150 + 75 Ascension + 10 Explorer Notes + 5 Chibi + 10 Fjodur)
150 Wild Dino Level + 100 Dino Level with XP
No tribe limit
Alliances allowed
Item Stat Clamp active
10 day inactivity before decay
Voting Rewards
Cluster wide Auction House

Gameplay Settings

Friendly fire enabled
Crosshair enabled
Third Person allowed
Map player marker enabled
Damage numbers enabled
Unlimited respecs
Dino upload disabled (use Soultraps)
Genesis 2 world buffs disabled
Gachas disabled
20 crafts per blueprint
Custom loot tables
Custom stack sizes
Trophy transfer enabled
Custom wild dino level distribution
Cave release of dinos disabled
Decomposition timers x1.5
75% resource blocking range for structures
75 active dinos and 1000 souls per tribe and map
7500 structure limit
Cloud uploads remain for 7 days
Tribe log in your Discord
No Tek Generators, Tek Shields and Tek Teleporters on platforms
Cloning of neutered and cloned creatures is disabled
Disabled wild dino carry
Disabled spikewall damage to wild dinos
Disabled resource generation in N+ vivarium (eggs only)
Disabled dino scan with N+ Tek Transmitter (except during scavenger weekends)
N+ Water Intakes don't need to be placed in water
Default transfer restrictions for Aberration
No flyers and Tek Suit power on Genesis: Part 1

Adjusted Engrams

eco's crafting tables available at level 50
Tek Canteen available at level 171
Tek Crop Plot available at level 174
Tek Surveillance Console available at level 178
Tek Hoversail available at level 182
Tek Bow available at level 186
Tek Pistol available at level 188
Space Dolphin Saddle available at level 190

Disabled Engrams

Auction House Exchanger
Auction House Exchanger Minimal
Auction House Hatchery
Auction House Hatchery Minimal
Cloning Chamber (Vanilla)
Cryofridge (Vanilla)
Cryopod (Vanilla)
Dediacted Storage (Vanilla)
eco's Arrrrp Bad Box
eco's RP Bad Box
eco's RP Community Box
Gacha Saddle
N+ Auto Turret Ballista
N+ Auto Turret Cannon
N+ Auto Turret Tranq
N+ Blueprint Maker
N+ Crystal Cracker
N+ Element Catalyzer
N+ Gacha Gavager
N+ Harvester
N+ Item Translocator
N+ Mutator
N+ Nanny
N+ Planetary Shield
N+ Propagator
N+ Stryder Interface
N+ Stryder Platform Extension
N+ TEK Forge
N+ TEK Gas Collector
N+ TEK Oil Pump
N+ TEK Tree Sap Tap
N+ Transmutator
Shiny Dinos Tracker
TC's AutoRewards UI Tool