Important News

Dear Community,

today we have big news to share. But first we would like to say thank you, thank you for all your support, for your donations, which of course help us keep the project running, as well as for your suggestions, your criticism and your loyalty.

Our community was founded in 2015 and our current cluster was launched in July 2018. Our aim has always been to offer you long-lasting servers with gameplay close as possible to vanilla, but provide you with enough “quality of life” content to be fun.

There have been a lot of changes since 2018, we explored Aberration together, fought Titans on Extinction and competed with the best in various quests on Genesis. Each new map brought us a lot of joy, new items, new dinosaurs but unfortunately also a lot of content that made the game too easy, almost trivial. Now there is nothing left of our original concept. Our long-term players have achieved everything possible and new players can skip directly to the endgame, partly for free or for a few ARcBars. In those 3 years new opportunities have arisen not only for players but also for the team.

While we kept the current cluster running for the past few months, we developed a new concept, we tested mods and plugins and looked at various solutions in order to be able to offer a cluster again that so many of you are enthusiastic about. We have put a lot of effort into addressing the current problems. Some necessary changes are profound and make a wipe unavoidable. We look at this fact with both a laugh and a tear, on one hand we say goodbye to our beloved cluster, which has been with us for three years. On the other hand, we also see the great future that awaits us with the new concept and we are greatly looking forward to the new beginning.

After all the work we are finally ready to present our results to you:

On May 11th our servers will be shut down.

On May 14th we invite you to join us in the new adventure.

Our original intention to offer a long-term cluster that is challenging, individual and that is fun to play has not changed and was always our priority while working on the new concept. The way ARK evolved during these last years made it necessary to implement some changes. We optimized the loot system and limited blueprints in crafts in order to make important and rare loot really valuable again. Gone are the days when the cluster was flooded with capped items at dumping prices. The hunt for loot has a purpose again and every blueprint found is of value. For all our builders we provide various decoration mods on the different maps. That way you have the opportunity to design your bases even more creatively and individually. For the breeders and collectors of rarities, Shiny Dinos have been added, whose beauty and uniqueness awards every owner. At the same time, the level distribution of wild dinosaurs has been adjusted so that the search for good stats and trading with them is important again. In order to create the same conditions for all of you from the start, GhostCoins and ArCBars will also be reset.

For the time being until the wipe we will increase all rates, so you can still have some fun on the server.

In addition, we offer you a Q&A area in the forum where you can ask questions about the new concept.

We hope you will enjoy the new concept.

Your Ghost Division Team

Here is a summary of what to expect after the wipe:

Server rates and general information

Taming x3

Experience x2

Harvesting x2

Hatch and mature speed x10

Mating interval x0.5

Cuddle interval x0.2

Hexagon rewards x1

Max player level: 250 (200 + 45 ascension + 5 chibi)

Max wild dino level: 150 (180 tek)

Dino level-ups: 100

Max dinos per tribe: 50

Max crafts per blueprint: 20

Wild dino pickup disabled

World save every 30 minutes

Tek suit power on Genesis disabled

Cave flyers disabled

Trophy transfer enabled

Element/shard transfer disabled

Unlimited mindwipes

Custom loot tables

Custom stack sizes

Custom wild dino level distribution

Voting rewards

Cluster wide Auction House

Item stat clamps

Tribe log in your Discord

Reworked server rules

Auto learn all engrams on any map

Your ARc account shared across the cluster

Existing characters, bases, dinos, ARc Bars and Ghost coins will be wiped


all official maps - Genesis part 2 will be added as soon as it's available.


Nominal Structures 2.0

Awesome Spyglass!

Auction House

Remove Cryopods

Dino Storage v2

TCs Auto Rewards

The Ghost Division - Rewards

Shiny! Dinos

Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered

Decoration mods

eco's RP Decor: The Island, Genesis part 1

eco's Tek Decor: The Center, Extinction

eco's Garden Decor: Ragnarok, Genesis part 2

eco's Stables Structures & Decor: Crystal Isles, Scorched Earth

CKF Science Fiction: Valguero, Aberration

Disabled Content

Disabled vanilla dinos: Gacha

Disabled vanilla structures: Cryofridge, Cryopod, Dedicated storage

Disabled N+ items: Ballista, Cannon, Flamethrower, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Tranq Turret, Plant X, Tek Turret, Blueprint Maker, Crystal Cracker, Element Catalyzer, Gacha Gavager, Gas Collector Tek, Mutator, Item Translocator, Nanny, Oil Pump Tek, Planet Shield, Tek Forge, Tree Sap Tap Tek, Tek Buggy

Disabled Auction House items: Exchanger, Hatchery

Transfers between all maps (except Genesis part 2) will be open.

Voting rewards will be available from start on.

    Comments 6

    • So just to confirm, taming rate will be x3?

      or (Official taming rate x4) and x3? = x12

    • I don't know if the team though about this already but what about wiping the server every year to bring new and fresh stuff at a large enough interval to give people time to progress and at the end have a competition to see whoever got the best breeds. This will give an endgoal to the people that breed non stop and might make the market more competitive. Its just a rough idea though, many things to consider :)

    • Sounds like even bigger grind in the NOT gameplay departments which is mainly breeding and no gachas its grind enough already especially with not gameplay breeding if it was more skill based difficulty thats fun but this is bullet sponge type difficulty, dumb and extra grindy and instead of making it better with mods you make it mostly worse. Didnt even finish my build or killed more than few bosses and its all gone great. Also I dont think any maps or DLCs brought something too easy maybe less stupid long. If anything the DLCs were progressively harder. At least add mods that give more stuff to build this seems still too little also more variety to dinos like the additions mod would be great those fit into your "vanilla" vision too. Also not fun of deleting the character hope you wont ban any fun things that make stuff less annoying for your endless boredom grind vision like many of the G2 features. :I


      • I do not like that the GC / arcbars will get a reset tbh. I have been accumulating GC for a very long time, altough I havent been playing much. It feels like I have supported this server troughout the years and see my rewards taken away from me.

        May I suggest instead of deleting all GC's. To do the following:

        Current GC / (a number) = GC after wipe


        GC after wipe >1000 get deleted.

      • I think that won't work. Either everyone gets a fair chance at growing or not at all.