PvE cluster updates

Hello Community,

three new features are coming with the latest update.

The first feature is a Add-On for the beloved Auction House which allows a preview of a listed dino.

No more need to do a blind bargain if you want to pay more attention to appearance (colors) than stats.

The second feature is a custom currency called ARC BARS. Ghost Coins and ARC BARS have a one-to-one exchange rate!

It should be very helpful when it comes to trading good animals or very good blueprints that are worth more than 6k metal.

The third feature is the Reward Vault. Players can use it to purchase Voting Rewards without having to wait for an admin.

Ghost Coins are exchanged upon request (ticket system). More details in our forum: Big PVE Cluster Update: Ingame-Currency & Shop & Dino Preview

Enjoy playing!

The Ghost Division Team


-Server Owner-

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