PvP Season 1 - Concept Details

Hello survivors,

firstly, we want to say thank you for everyone's input into this new concept and thank you for everyone's patience. This has been a lot of work, but we finally are ready to share the new PvP concept details with the community.

The PVP settings will be as follows:

Starting 22 November 2019 - 8 PM GMT+1


Valguero Ragnarok Aberration Extinction

Genesis (when available)

Server Rates

10x Harvesting 10x Breeding 10x XP 10x Taming

15x Harvesting & Breeding rates at Weekends


Structure Plus StackMeMore Dino Storage (replacing Cryopods) TC Auto Rewards Custom Ghost Division Mod (to be added in the future)

Server Plugins

Offline Raid Protection (MAGA) Anti Mesh Plugin Weekend Rates

Offline Raid Protection

Tribes will be able to protect one area against offline raiding. Everything outside will be able to be attacked when player is offline

Structure Spamming

This will be restricted to a certain area around the main building, more details to follow soon

Other Settings

Max Player Level 150 15 Extra Ascension Levels 150 Max Turrets

6 Tribe Members (No Alliances) Teaming Allowed 1 arc bar per hour in game time

S+ Nanny Enabled

S+ Dino Scan Enabled
Voting Rewards will be enabled after 7 days of new settings going live

Item Stat Clamp Enabled

Disabled S+ Structures

Auto Crafter AutoTurret Ballista AutoTurret Cannon

AutoTurret Flame AutoTurret Minigun AutoTurret Plant

AutoTurret Rocket AutoTurret Tranq Blueprint Maker

Ceiling Repulser Charge Injector Charge Station

Converter Element Catalyser Gacha Gavager

Gas Collector Tek Mutator Incinerator

Inventory Assistant Item Translocator Planet Shield

Tek ATV Tek Forcefield Tek Forge

Tek Stove Trapdoor Moonpool Underwater Cube

Underwater Cube Sloped Underwater Moonpool Underwater Tool

Underwater Door All S+ XL Structures S+ Turrets (Regular Ones)