[PvE] New Mod: The Ghost Division - Rewards


Dear PvE-Survivors,

we are proud to finally present our newest addition to our PvE cluster: The Ghost Division Rewards Mod

We put a lot of work into this and tried to find things we can offer to you to get your hard earned Ghost Coins :-D But I do not want to waste any time, let us hear what our marketing division has to tell you:

GD Speedboost

Do you lose all those races against wild raptors? Do these raptors bully you and laugh at you once theygot you? Do you maybe run for miles to a drop just to see it vanish right in front of you? Are you always the last to arrive at the loot and get nothing? No worries, Ghost Division will take care.

SpeedBoost, our newest development, will make you run faster, fly faster, swim faster, farm faster and you will always be first at the drop (no guarantee included). No more being mocked by raptors, no it is your turn to laugh. Our top secret mixture has been tested on thousands of Beach Bobs and has been developed up until perfection. No matter if man or beast, Speedboost is wholesome and works guaranteed.

By the way: Please report empty Beach Bob houses, we really have no clue where alll those people are...

GD Dino Mindwipe

Uh, misclicked? Did you really just pump Oxygen on your dino? Are you mildly annoyed? Even upset? Has all that work been for nothing? If there just was a dino mindwipe.

We at Ghost Division say "Yes, there is!". Brand new flavoured with Dodo, azulberry or veggie cake. It tastes awesome, smells even better and will make any dino lose all his distributed levels from enthusiasm. Dino Mindwipe, now available at all participating Reward Vaults

GD Superstim

You are traveling across the map and suddenly you spot a dino you like? You knock it out, take a look in the vicinity and no more than a second later a raptor is already chewing on your tame? You ask yourself do you really need that dino anymore or will the lost level's really make a difference? You don't want to wait for the dino to wake up? Stop asking yourself these questions!

We at The Ghost Division know that one level might make the difference between a uber super dino and a crappy abomination. Stop waiting for your knocked out tames to wake up and reset! Ghost Division presents the solution to all your problems: Superstim, developed by the most competent Dinologists and tested on a lot of victi... hmmm, "dinos", will dissolve all your problems into thin air. Easy to use, taking effect after 20 seconds! Buy 1 or better buy 1000, you are gonna just looooove it!

GD Levelboost

You or your dino are bad at school? You need way to long to improve even for a single level? You are wasting a lot of wood in your grinder just to throw all the thatch away because you don't want anyone to ask you why there is laying thatch all around (if you don't get this you need to spend more time with the internet).

Better than any school, better than private tutoring, even better than our XP-rates: The Ghost Division Levelboost guarantees you to be learning at 6 times the normal speed! Purely plant-based and guaranteed effective.

GD Imprint Gun

Are you tired being raised on a server without a Nanny? Do you sometimes wonder if your master did not love you enough to give you 100% imprint bonus? Did you maybe have to wait for days for an admin to come over or did you maybe even have to fight bosses without an imprint? This will end today!

The Ghost Division presents the solution for all nanny-missing dinos that did not get enough love by their maste as a baby: The Imprint Gun! It is fitting into any purse without a problem and will make any master look like a maker! You can be a maker too, just buy an Imprint Gun for your beloved pet.

The Ghost Division Oil Pump

You are sick of these advertisements? Are you annoyed by all these questions at the beginning of each paragraph? You think whoever wrote this might be nutty? Well, we even got a solution for that.

Last but not least we present our new oil pump. It produces double the oil in half the time (or something like this) and can resist even the wildest alpha dino. You are now unsure why this should even bother you, especially when all oil pumps are being placed by admins? Well, we at The Ghost Division don't know an answer to this question, you cannot even buy these oil pumps, they can only be placed by our aqualified admins. We just wanted to tell...

But enough of the talk, all head to the reward vaults and check the new items, they are available now!

Have fun,

Your Ghost Division Admin Team

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    • Looks cool. The superstim would've came in handy so many times now, and will come in handy in the future for sure.

      But the dino mindwipe and imprint gun are the best of the bunch by far. Can't wait to try them out :D

    • Good Job! Thank you for all your hard work! :)

    • very cool stuff ;)