[PvP] Fun-settings until wipe

Dear PvP-community,

like most of you already know we will wipe our PvP cluster on November 15th 2019 and relaunch them with a revised concept afterwards. This concept will be presented within the next week. But we want to make sure you do not die of boredom in the meantime and that is why we have a little surprise for you: We will change the server settings to some kind of funserver concept until the wipe will happen. In detail this will be:

  • All rates will be 50x (Taming, Breeding, XP, Harvesting)
  • ORP will be disabled and replaced by a structure- and turret-buff (400% turret damage, 400% structure health)
  • No raid protection
  • Element is transferable

We will only offer limited support in the meantime, these changes are here to bring some fun, not quarrels!

So everybody grab your C4 and go,

Your Ghost Division Admin Team