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    And Dodo Ball was also really cool. I honestly did not anticipate that players keep the Dodo in their hand no matter what (and this is why Team Schmidi lost so bad), so we had to change the goal design. But after that it worked out so good! Only thing I'd change is the game speed, with slomo 0.8 it would be easier for everyone. But since everyone has the same speed it was still fair!

    maybe keep that for a next event, but make smaller teams. I think when teams are on different tribes, with pvp on, they might drop it it. should be easy enough to check

    It was a lovely event. And then there was more parcour. All the previous parcour events taught me enough that i dont do well with em if i wanna preserve my sanity. It's a shame that for the x'th time, it was parcour... again.

    Now the other parts were amazing, unfortunatly i was a little late so i missed the first game, but the others were fun to do, even if the intended mechanic for the dodo ball didnt quite work out! I would love for an event to come along again like we had with the pvp event (hard though it was) and the dodo fight event.

    Even still, thanks to all who participated and even more thanks to the designers, organizers and staff that was around to help.

    And whoever decided to add that parcour bit in,
    I hope you can sleep at night xD because if i would've stayed any longer, i wouldn't be able to...


    For a solo player like many of the players its pretty hard to farm therefore u might want to add the solo farm mod/plugin so it can help the solo players out

    as soon as you get to a certain point, its more a question of bringing it back home :-) Using the omni tool efficiently also helps greatly

    :D replace wood by somthing lighter liker fiber :D

    funny how that might be, it might actually be an idea to replace the heavy wood with something lighter. That way, it doesnt make dams stronger.

    We're not able to take out of the soul traps our dinos inside the caves and well,without a good dino caves can be hard specially for the horrible ark hitbox....I hope that we can have the possibility to use our dinos .

    Get some good cavers, and walk em in! There's quite a few dino's that can be walked into most caves!

    Well my general feedback for this

    Positive points:

    - Maze & puzzle part, fun to do and with just a little bit of trial and error, everyone can do it, especially how short they were and the amount of time given.

    Negative points:

    - 3/5th of the event consists of parcour, wich, if you are lagging or are just not technically inclined to it, is just fodder to lose your mind over. We saw the same on the last event that had parcour and in the end parts of the parcour were skipped by checkpoints. Still the majority of the people could not complete it. I totally get that not everyone participating should be getting an asc bp, but gatekeeping it to a skill wich is impossible/extremely hard to learn if you do not have the inclination towards it, is just boring for the part of the community that cannot do it. Make a puzzle big enough but still with enough trial and error everyone will have a fair chance at it. This is not the case with Parcour. The zipline parts are doable over time for most people but i prefered to keep my mental sanity over doing it over and over again. Parts 1 & 5 however...

    - In comparison, you take a LOT more time doing the 3 parcours parts over the maze and puzzle parts. I would've prefered to see it more balanced and have harder mazes and puzzles added to the mix

    One final note, i will be giving Schmidi tons of smack for this event again but I, for one, would like to thank him just the same to build something this huge and awesome for the community. Hell, that goes for all of the admins. Please do not take my ranting as a disservice to what you all provide here as I love this server, community and every single staff member that sacrifices his own personal time to make this an even better place. This cannot be stressed enough!!!

    Thank you for the great build Schmidi and thanks to the entire staff team to organize this. I love to hate you all for it ;-)

    As Kat already explained, the 1.000 soul limit has technical reasons. Its goal is to keep the savegame at a healthy size. Back then when we had no limit at all, we found out the maximum savegame file size the hard way, resulting into permanent crashes. So as much as I understand the interest in an increased limit for patrons, I'd personally suggest to not add such a perk. It would reduce server performance for everyone. Eventually it would not be noticable if only one tribe uses it, but there are plenty of patrons. Just my two cents though from someone who implemented the soul limit back then.

    I heard ThumperMan007 is an expert when it comes to soul limits.

    <3 Koga!

    this sounds even more P2W to me :-D