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    I would like to start a debate on this latest rulechange. I know for a lot of people, this will have no effect whatsoever. However, for the oldest members, who are way into the endgame, this measure now limits that group in their "endgame". I know not all oldies will be like me, but i for one, consider my endgame, breeding. I breed loads of dinos for mutations, and to get steady clean lines before i start mutating. This easily requires hundreds of souls.

    When i want a mutation daily on my line, i use about 150-300 females to have a high chance of getting it that day. With this new rule, this would limit me to max 3 species on a map.

    Now you'll say, ah but there are other maps you can move too for others!

    And yes, thats true to some degree. But with the risk of getting booted out of my tribe when moving servers, the hassle of just moving to the other server, and the fact that in one hour, ill just have to do all that again and risk it all again, is so not worth it. Let alone i don't have a base big enough to breed whatever on whatever map, so this would mean bigger bases on other maps (which will most likely be the next complaint).

    I do get why you proposed this rule, it's just it's execution i find lacking. Let me explain to you why.

    Right now, my main base is on valguero, and second main on gen1 (coz of closed server still), combined over the 2, we had roughly 2.5-3k souls. Other maps, hardly any souls. So i wasnt a burden to the savegame size of rag, or to any other savegame size. My small bases had all they needed for me to just transfer there, unsoul the dinos i brought with and do what i wanted to do on that map. Right now, those small bases did everything they needed too, and didnt contribute to the savegame sizes of those maps.

    Now however, i will be sending dino's here, there and everywhere. So 1k souls on rag, 1k on valg & 1k on gen1. So this will actually INCREASE the savegame size of rag.

    What i propose instead of this rule, is to set a clusterwide rule. No more then, for example 4-5k souls in total. Hardly anyone can have a problem with that i think (not even extreme weirdos like me).

    I am however in favor of limiting it on maps wich are getting to big, for example ragnarok. But like this, you give players the opportunity to build a new base in a new map if they so please, and just bring everything they have there, instead of being forced to spread it out.

    Now thank you for reading my rambles is all i got left to say.:D

    In favor of this one! Would reduce some filesize too as we use a locked up box where we hatch eggs in to not have them run around the entire base or outside. Like this we could just do it inside.

    i mean in the endgame yes. But if you could just non stop grind Missions for stuff in the early game it would be to easy i think

    I dont think it would be. You could quite easily get just as much resources from farming the same time as you do the mission. Why shouldnt it be just as rewarding? You only get like 25% of the resources anyway. The only things that might be too much to be grinded are things like titano saddles... but why should one thing be to the detriment of all the others?

    This is great news from the oil baron and the team. He really is an amazing guy. It really isnt me though. I pretended to be the oil baron at the end of the last event as the real oil baron was away selling oil to the Americans. I could never be the kind rich man he is. You will see at the next event as he has confirmed he will be there and so will I 🤔


    We believe you Chris :D

    I dont :p he'll just pay for a body double... i mean with the resources chris has to his disposal... I even see him paying for a voice changer for this body double... so it wont sound like him as it did last time!

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    Edit: goddamnit why is my img blocked XD

    200 gc for a breedable pair don't go insane like 400 gc for 83 melee gigas (come at me I said it)

    For those who didn't understand, price too low.

    before genesis, i wouldve agreed. They were a bitch to find. Now on genesis, we have found a few already that we could breed into this line to improve upon. Nevertheless this would save us some time :-) I think the price is good, maybe the 150 would still work aswell but 200 is too high imo. We aren't talking about his mutated line from hell which everyone on the server is jealous off :D

    You can find the list of tribes who have too many areas on discord. If you then do not know, you just have to send in a support ticket and they'll help you locate them!