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  • Too bad my long comrade-in-arms that you have left me and are now embarking on a new path of life. I will always keep you in very good memory and thank you for the hours I could spend with you in this great game. Stay as you are, no matter how stormy the times are. All the best my friend! Greetings Mschmidi

  • Hi admin

  • Hi

  • hey chris...


    Please if you have time, can you control my tickets?

    Thanks you!

  • Chris ur just the best <3

  • Hey, sry.

    The ticket was when I had 215 Gc but i must pay them sryy

    Lg. Marvin

  • Hey, thanks you for help. Now i Know it and google Translate is not the best xD but I understand it xD

    But something was a funny to read xD

    Lg. Marvin