Mystery Dungeon Event 2020

  • The time has come!

    The Oil Baron detected a Distress call from a not yet explored ARK.

    He asked for our help finding the source of this signal.

    The Event is a mix of Puzzles, Combat and Platforming (its easy this time I swear) .

    It's not a Horror Event, just a bit spooky for the season!

    The Event will be at the 24th of October, starting 2pm UTC

    We will open the Event at: 1:40 UTC

    Event server ip:

    You will create a new Character that day.

    The following classes will be playable:

    The Bruiser

    The Assault

    The Technician

    The Scout

    The Demolition Expert

    You can purchase the class gear at Reward Vaults you can find all around the Event.

    Players are not allowed to buy 2 Class sets and mix them, ignoring that rule will end in an exclusion from the Event!

    We hope to see you at the Event!

    Your Event Team