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    Or the vanilla magnifying glass thingy. That one works on wild dinos, your dinos, and enemy dinos. Only problem is you have to get real close and personal with them, the range is crap.

    As for a spyglass mod that can only let you see the stats of your own dinos, I never heard of one. Their configs aren't usually that detailed.

    I assume some of the oil nodes can't be built on because of them being in proximity to caves/other areas that prohibit building. If that's so, maybe consider posting their coordinates so that people don't report them in the Taming Pens thread needlessly.

    My guess is no. Ghost Division doesn't have dedicated modders or the time to make/update their own mods.

    That being said, I've been meaning to check out S+ and mess with it for a long time now, but my potato laptop craps its pants whenever I try to do something in the devkit. From the little snippets I've checked out over time, I could in theory make a new mod from the S+ source and servers should be able to swap them out for each other without needing to wipe or losing already present structures. But S+ is quite the beast, even if I started messing with it right now it would probably be a couple months before I could release a stable build.

    I can confirm that Valentines Coels are spawning an ALL maps but in very varying numbers. Island, Valguero, Ragnarok and Aberration should be your place to fish, SE, Center and Extinction have only very few spawns (but at least on SE you know exactly where to find these few spawns).

    Aberration is crazy. The green zone river where otters spawn is chock full of coels. I stop with my raft over the otter spawn points, kill off all of the normal coels, and it takes me half an hour to fish for all of the remaining ones.

    I take photos of what resources I need and use the transfer tool to get them. Quickest method to get stuff that I can think of, save for keeping all of my resources in a crafting station or replicator.

    Also, join the discord. This was announced in the announcement channel, where all GD related news are announced. If there will be a fix for this, that's the place where you'll see it first.

    Okay so I started fishing and here are the results:

    •You can only fish for coelachant and get event loot, so the announcement was correct. I haven't seen sabertooth salmon or phyranna for the event.

    •The event fish have heart particles to differentiate them from normal fish.

    Chibis ARE NOT map specific. You don't need to fish on rag for a Griffin chibi, for example. I got that chibi on abe, as well as some other flyer chibis.

    This one is confirmed. I got the titanosaur chibi on aberration, so chibis are not map specific. Fish anywhere for any chibi, it's simply luck based.

    •Rod quality doesn't seem to count as far as chibis are concerned. Each event fish has a guaranteed chibi if you reel it in. It might count for candies though, since I'm getting tons of them with a MC 363% rod.

    This is confirmed, but only partially.. Rod quality increases how many candies you get, and the quality of candies, but doesn't affect chibi drops. I've gotten the titanosaur chibi with a crappy rod. However, not all the fish contain chibis, I've caught a few that gave candies, but no chibi.

    •Not all maps have these fish, only the story maps: Island, Scorched Earth (if there's fish there), Aberration, and Extinction. I haven't seen any on Center, and I'm curious if people have seen any on Rag or Valg.

    People have seen event fish on Rag, so I guess I was just unlucky on Center.

    •Fish level and quality doesn't seem to matter, though it's hard for me to keep track of which fish have what loot.

    Confirmed. Some people told me that they got both candies and good chibis from small fish with poor quality, myself included.

    I won't list all the chibis I got cause I have tons already. The more interesting ones I have are spino, Griffin, and thyla.

    My strategy: go on aberration, in any river in the green zone. Tons of coelacanth. Kill the normal fish off, and fish only for the event ones that are left. If you fish on any other map, just get a pelagornis since you can fish on it like from a chair and it floats on water. Better than a raft.

    Good luck, and I'm waiting for anyone else's results and advice ^^

    Now that the Valentine's Day Event, a.k.a. Ark Love Evolved, has started, everyone is on the hunt for chibis. So let's help each other, so that everyone gets the chibis they want.

    How can you do that? Share any relevant details you want to here. What chibis you got, on what map you got them, the quality of the rod you used, or any other detail you think made a difference. Do you have any good fishing spots and strategies? You can share those too.

    I'm at work right now, but as soon as I get home and start fishing, I'll start sharing my findings. Happy reeling to everyone ^^

    Since the last update I've been getting disconnected too. Sometimes several times a day. And the strange thing for me is that it happens on Center too, where the game was pretty stable until now. My settings are on low to medium, no ground clutter, minimum mesh level of detail, minimum skyboxes detail, etc. Only thing I keep on high is the render distance when I hunt for dinos to tame, but the crashes are random, not when I encounter bases.

    I did a file integrity check and re-downloaded the mods two days ago, but I've not played enough yesterday to see if it made a difference.

    EDIT: One thing I noticed is that I crash mostly when I use a rock drake.

    WC nerfed fishing at some point, yeah. It was ridiculous when it started. I sat down and fished for like 2 hours and got like several dozen asc BPs

    I know it was OP when it was introduced, and there was a nerf shortly after. But even after that nerf, with a good enough rod, fishing was still OP.

    I played on GTJak3d's cluster back when he hosted it. He had the stargate mod, and that mod introduced a location where you could fish for ascendant rod BPs exclusively. I got a few, crafted the best, and went fishing. They were around 300-400 % rods, and I got INSANE loot even from choels. That was more than a year after fishing was introduced and WC did the first nerf for it.

    On GD, the best rod I ever managed to find was a MC with 200 something melee. Like an idiot I crafted it with no bonus. Even from big sabertooth salmon I barely got any scraps of loot. But that was back when GD had custom loot tables. Now that we have the vanilla tables, and (I assume) no loot multipliers, unless fishing suffered another nerf in the meantime it should still be kinda' OP with a good rod.

    I'm in search of a good rod as we speak to test it out, but I can't find any alphas all of a sudden. I'm also curious if rod BPs drop anywhere anymore, cause I can't find anything about it online.

    idk if fishing rod blueprints still exist tbh. But you get a quality fishing rod from killing alpha tusos(always 1, might be left in a bag upon the tuso's death if your tame doesn't auto harvest it).

    To add to this: alpha tusos have a 100% chance of giving you a rod. Alpha mosas also give rods as loot, but they only have a 20% chance. This is all info from the wiki, and unfortunately it's not specified if they can drop BPs too (which they did the last time I went fishing, but that was at least 2 years ago).

    Hey so I have a few questions about the upcoming event, and about fishing on the PVE cluster in general.

    As far as I know, the event will start on the 14th. We will need to fish for chibis, both the ones from the Christmas event as well as new ones. So my questions are:

    1: Will the event start on the 14th on the cluster as well, or will the team have to activate it manually? Checking for bugs and whatnot like you do with new maps.

    2: Will the quality of the rod matter? From what I could find, WildCard said nothing about this, but I have a hunch it will. If that's the case I have to find myself some good rods cause I have none at the moment.

    3: Is fishing in general nerfed on the cluster? Last time I fished, even with a 300+ MC rod I got only crap. On other servers I got a lot of equipment and BPs from fishing with similar rods, though that was quite a while ago and it's possible that WildCard themselves nerfed fishing in the meantime.

    I also hope that this event will go smoothly and those of us that didn't get chibis during the Christmas event will get some now. If I got anything wrong in this post, please correct me.

    Notice a lot of the people in favour of not allowing souls to be used in caves already have more resources than they know what to do with, they don't 'need' to run any cave at all, but they want to dictate how new players acquire resources - ask yourself why?

    I'm pro no release in caves, I'm at the end game (sort of), and that's not my reason at all. My reasoning is the following: too many people run the caves with these exploits. Every beach bob can buy themselves a giga and a velo in a few days of voting and run the caves all the time. I rarely get the Ice Queen or Lava Golem available for example.

    Am I being salty about that? Maybe. But where before you had to use resources and build skill to do the caves, you can now easily cheese them with dinos. Cave release removes what little competition there's left in PVE.

    Slot cap will be increased to 100 so we will see how it goes

    If you offer vaults for people to deposit their ingots at the site before the auction, couldn't they technically still participate even if they're not physically there? Say I bring my ingots, but there's no slot for me to transfer to Island come the auction, I just participate on discord. Of course, I'll try my best to be there, it's more fun that way.

    morning guys

    Yes ExoRipper the two auctions are metal ingots and Ghost Coins / Arcbar. So with the GC / Arcbar auctions you can pay with either or both 👍

    Okay, thanks for the answer. I'd love to participate in a GC one, but I don't have enough of those to go against the big guys lol. So I guess I'll stick to the ingot ones for this round, and I'll start trading and voting more to be able to participate in a GC one next time.

    Would it be okay to bring a transmitter and my tribemate there so we can download the metal in case we win and pay on the spot?

    For me i searched quite a few servers, but i wanted something that wasnt overly lucrative like 20x etc.

    Iv always played on official on PS4 so im used to official rates so as a solo player the slight boost is good, but doesnt get boring getting to level 100 in 1 day.

    Same over here. I played like 200 hours on official PVP, but after the fifth or so wipe I got bored. Official PVE sucks, so I looked for unofficial. Found this place, I thought the rates and mods were decent (as in not too grindy but not too OP), so I stuck.