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    Map: Crystal Isles

    Owner: Tribe of Mehdi


    Stone taming trap. Coords as given by the awesome spyglass.

    Sorry for posting so many of these, I ask in chat beforehand and only post when the people aren't online.

    Map: Crystal Isles

    Owner: BloodBound


    Wooden spike walls left after a tame.

    Edit: coords as given by the awesome spyglass, gotta mention that with the coordinate discrepancy.

    PVE Crystal Isles

    Tribe of HeGe

    1 structure at 57:34/50:33, a foundation with a wall and ramp DONE

    Another structure at 57:39/51:71, small wood base with some stone dino gates around it NOT REMOVED

    Small wood shack at 55:75/52:08, parts of it either damaged or destroyed DONE

    And a bridge over a river at 54:17/53:00, actually looks kinda' cool

    Coords as given by the awesome spyglass

    2. Ask ExoRipper or Luke if he will do another run. If I understood this correctly they are selling spots.

    I don't sell the fight, Luke did. I was simply another participant, we had a couple spots left, and I had Luke's permission to advertize it to fill those spots. And as far as I know, he's not selling another one soon. I'm not selling one either cause I have no alpha basilisk fangs, unfortunately.

    If you simply want a fight to unlock the tek chestpiece though, I can help with that. Discord is ExoRipper#1093, we can talk details over there.

    Your best bet for getting the productions you want are to breed. Get like 30 gacha females and breed them as often as you can. I guarantee you'll have more black pearl, crystal, metal, oil, etc, gachas in a couple weeks than you'll know what to do with. Element dust ones will be tricky to get though.

    Luke is selling both alpha tek cave on island and alpha rockwell, tek cave happens tomorrow and rockwell this sunday. 50 GC per person for each fight, and we're 6 people for tek cave atm. You can bring your own dinos and equipment if you want to, but he provides his own if you don't.

    His discord is LukeTheJuke24#4670 for more details.

    I've since taken to using the s+ personal teleporter to farm. I go to where I want to farm, place a beacon, teleport back to base, and teleport my dinos to the beacon in the mission area. For taking the resources back, I throw them on the ground and pick them up with a whip. Then I teleport myself back to base but leave my tames there. After I leave the metal in the forges and the other resources in storage, I teleport back to the beacon and continue farming. This works even better with at least one other person. They farm while I'm gone, and by the time I'm back I have another batch of resources to teleport back with.

    But although this method works VERY well, I'm aware not everyone can do it. Not everyone has the necessary tek engrams or tek equipment to pull it off. Still, I urge you to go on another map in the cluster and do the bosses there for the teleporter tek engram. It will be very worth it.

    I am supporting this as it's exactly like Exo wrote: It feels like a punishment to get new dlc when this means to lose levels on my char. I own Genesis but I don't play it actually as there are no transfers (yet). Using Mindwipe i was loosing levels I had before. So I am now lvl 200 coming from 220. Reverse progress :(

    Looking forward to an official answer as I don't see any impact on crafting bonuses as they are capped anyway afaik.

    Edit: just saw Gunnsens reply. Doesn't change my opinion but taking note of it.

    Crafting is impacted in the way that, since you have a higher level, you can get a bigger crafting bonus. I don't know if the crafting bonus is capped or not, but I've not seen items reach a bonus higher than 110%. So if there's a cap there, adding more player levels shouldn't affect crafting. If there isn't, and you can get higher bonuses, then yeah more levels will mean a higher crafting bonus.

    But yeah, Wildcard basically punished players for buying the DLC (and even punished those who don't own it). As if playing ARK isn't punishment enough xD

    The situation might be different on official servers, maybe they get the extra levels there, but here it is as it is.

    All of that being said, I think that not increasing the max level is the right decision if crafting bonuses are not capped. But a lot more testing would be needed to tell either way, and I understand that the admin team doesn't have time for that right now. A lot of stuff could be affected, with the server having a custom EXP curve (at least I think it does) and custom engram points gained when leveling.

    With the introduction of the new genesis ascencion, some players have lost 15 levels off their max already. And with genesis part 2 coming this winter, with another possible ascencion, we stand to possibly lose 15 more. This makes the new DLCs feel more like a punishment than exciting new content to explore, and it makes those of us who haven't mindwiped afraid to do so because our level cap will be knocked lower. I'm personally at 216 from 221, and it was caused by the chibis for me personally. So losing 15 more levels will put me at 201, and an additional 15 when genesis part 2 comes will put me at 186.

    So I propose raising the player max level. The 220 we had without ascencions was very good in my opinion, not too high not too low.

    Some reasons this might be a good idea:

    •Many people can't afford a crafting alt, or let alone buying the necessary DLCs on an alt to ascend them. So they play on only one account, and have to mindwipe frequently for crafts and whatnot.

    •Most people don't even play on genesis, either because they can't afford it or don't have the time.

    •PVE is meant to be a more casual experience, so most people can't even do or want to do the ascencions.

    •For those that DO buy the DLCs, and DO get the new ascencions, they'll be rewarded with a higher level rather than having to retake levels they previously had.

    This is just my opinion though. Feel free to add to it, or contradict it. Maybe I'm missing something, maybe this wouldn't work, I simply don't know.

    Ye I lost 5 levels too when chibis were implemented. Haven't mindwiped since to not lose more.

    Guess I gotta get off my bum and do those ascensions, but I dread them tbh.

    Yes. It works after teleporting. We didn't use 100 elements yet so it's hard to say.

    Well on genesis you can get 220+ ele in 20 minutes if there are not so many players online so it's not that expensive. Skiff + magma is also a great combo... we farmed 65k stone in 10-15 minutes recently.

    I didn't mean to say that it's a headache to maintain element wise. That's easy enough to get. But the whole process of making it work seems like a headache. What if it runs out on me while I'm farming, and I have to wait a full day until the next restart to refuel it? Plus I can't always be online for the restart either.

    My method of choice for farming right now is to go out with a tribemate, two magmasaurs, and two gasbags with nothing but weight. Fill the gasbags up, empty them on the ground, grab everything with a whip, and teleport back to base with a personal teleporter to unload. Got like 200k stone like this in 20 minutes, plus about 20k raw metal, 5k crystal, and 10k obsidian. But I'm farming on the arctic mountain, I'm sure I can get a lot more metal in the volcano.

    if it's on an event server, then it would probably be better to have Admins + few randomly selected players defending the base. Making the raid harder and enjoyable on both sides.

    Maybe recruit some players from the PVP side? Or players that play on both? I for one suck at PVP, I'll admit it, and I'd hate it for them to randomly pick PVE players and end up with people like me xD


    Cluster Crash. Put the PVP players on the defense, the PVE players on the offense, and whichever cluster wins gets a cluster-wide prize. Events or something, idk.

    If you do this, does the skiff still work after teleporting? Also do you need to do this again when your element runs out, or can you refuel it just fine after you've done it once? I wanna get a skiff too, but atm I don't have resources to spare for something that would be too big of a headache to maintain.

    Here's some ideas on how this could work loot-wise. Have a huge base, turrets, dinos, etc, plus the admins defending it. Inside, there's only rooms with vaults and stuff, and you have to get in, break them, and run out with the loot inside them. The deeper inside the base you get, the better the loot.

    Would it be hectic? Chaotic? Would people profit by letting others fight and enter for the loot themselves? For sure. Would it be fun? In my opinion, yes. Just host this on the event server, and make it a free for all, like actual PVP is.

    All of that being said, I know that this would be hard to pull off with the admin team having their hands full with maintanance and stuff. This is just my suggestion, if it doesn't happen I'm still VERY greatful for this amazing cluster.