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    Tbh I never had a problem with farming resources solo, especially since the skiff came out. It's still faster with two people, but it's super easy solo as well so long as you know what you're doing. Idk exact numbers but I can pretty much fill a transmitter's upload with raw metal in about 15 minutes.

    Edit: I forgot to add something. A mod like this would only really help during early to mid game, and even then not by much. If you're stuck carrying items instead of uploading them, you're better off having a fleet of argies on follow anyway, they can carry more than a single anky. Don't know exact number again, but I think with 3 argies leveled in weight you can pretty much outclass a single anky easily.

    Well if someone lose a dino u dont need to worry about that,they always use ghost-data to see where the lost dino is :)

    Ot u can find direct from the forum under Info tab :)

    I know about ghost data, I even mentioned it in my comment. But sometimes people don't even know they lost or misplaced a dino. The channel wouldn't as much be meant to help them find it, it would be more to bring it to their attention that it happened.

    I'll give the skiff at my base as an example again. The people that forgot it there probably don't even know, else they'd have taken it back by now. You can find skiffs with ghost data too. But I figure they'd want it back.

    Maybe something like this was proposed before, but I can't find anything similar. My suggestion would be to have a "lost and found" channel in discord for dinos and such, with slow posting enabled so people don't spam it with unrelated messages.

    For example, there's a skiff at my extinction base right now that someone either lost or forgot there. I asked in chat for them, but they're not on. I could make a ticket, but I'd like to give the owner a chance to get it back before admins delete it. I also find lost dinos in the wild all of the time.

    This could help relieve the admin team of some tickets, and give players a chance to get their dinos back. Here's what I was thinking:

    -Players that find lost dinos leave a message in the chat with map, tribe/player name, and coords

    -If someone loses a dino, they can check out that chat, and maybe leave an @ for the player that found it with a message along the lines of "I got it back"

    -Player that left the initial message can then delete it to keep the chat clean and up to date

    -If the dino isn't retrieved in a certain amount of time (2-3 days should be plenty imo) the admin team can look into it


    -Gives players a place to "report" lost dinos to each other so we can find them

    -Relieves the admin team of potential tickets

    -Could also work with structures like taming traps or abandoned spike walls etc


    -Not everyone that plays is on the discord server so not everyone will see the message

    -People might simply not want to use it and prefer to make tickets anyway

    -Wouldn't work with dinos set on wander or aggressive, but it would bring it to the attention of the owner so they could use ghost data to locate them

    Still, seeing how successful the taming traps thread is here on the forum, I think it might be worth a shot.

    Something like this would be lovely, the only reason I got a second account for a crafting character was to avoid having to mindwipe my main whenever I want to craft something. It's not even element most of the time, I always need to craft some crossbows or some armor or some saddles, and it's faster atm to switch to the crafter than to mindwipe my main and re-learn all the engrams.

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to everyone! It's been another lovely year in the GD community, I hope you all stay awesome and I hope this community will last forever ^^

    Whether we find a mod to use on these servers that monitors when people access a beaver dam and automatically reports them if they take everything except the wood and leave...

    I don't think something like that even exists. And even if it did, it would flood the admins with pretty much useless tickets when there's more important ones to take care of.

    ...or some other change (potentially only allowing a 'loot all' option instead of being able to select separate items).

    Again, probably not possible. I'm not sure such an option even exists, and even if it did, knowing WildCard it would probably affect all containers. And that would be a very bad idea.

    A better solution (but again, idk if it's possible) would be to stop wood from spawning in dams altogether. No one ever needs or takes it, and it's in such small amounts that it would take a few seconds to farm it yourself.

    Just my two cents though.

    As a customer, the problem I have with the AH is that by the time I have enough GC to buy stuff I can already get it myself. There are some exceptions, like high % tools or good armor crafted from BPs, but those quickly become irrelevant when I start getting tames to farm and fight with.

    As a seller, the problem I have with the AH is that by the time I have stuff worth selling I can farm most resources faster myself. People want more stuff to be sold for metal, but I can farm it faster than it would take me to sell stuff on the AH so it's a literal waste of time.

    Imo the AH isn't really made for a server with a custom currency like our GC and ARC bars, cause the moment you have a custom currency of course everyone will try to sell for that currency instead of resources. But again, that's just my opinion and experiences.

    Thank you for the reply - wyverns are a must when selecting a map... cant have the ark experience if your not stealing babies and running away from a pack of wyverns

    Crystal Wyverns are different, but I'll let you figure them out on your own ;)

    Crystal Isles is an okay map to start on imo. Easy to tame crystal wyverns, tons of resources if you know where to look, all of that good stuff. It's very big though, so make sure you have all the basic resources close to your base spot or else you'll have reeeeeeally long farming trips.

    Also welcome back, congratulations on the marriage, and don't worry. People don't get banned for quitting the game, I should know lol since I think I quit four times now. You'll always be welcomed back.

    i see, makes sense. although bps and beadable dino is once every 3 months which won't make a big difference to win anything since its pve.

    Maybe, but GD has avoided P2W this far and no matter which way you cut it, so long as you receive the best items/dinos possible for paying real money it's P2W. Simple as. We also have a marketplace, we have breeders who do their best to get good dino lines, we have people that hunt for the best BPs, etc etc, so P2W would just ruin that further.

    then maybe limit rewards to unbreadable dinos, inactivity more than 7 days, custom dino and personal armor skins, special base statue or flag,

    Element has been very easy to get for a long while now, and with the SS cloning chamber working how it does, unbreedable doesn't mean anything anymore. For patrons that donate 10$ and up, they are exempt from inactivity wipes so long as they donate, so that's already a thing. And custom dino skins, custom armor skins, and custom statues would need more mods to be added. Adding more mods to the cluster is a heated debate as is, and adding them purely for patron rewards would be even worse imo. Plus that might not sit right with the mod authors, who make and distribute the mods for free and might not like the fact that someone else sells items from their mods. And lastly, as far as I know, you can already make custom flags in the game in the same way you can make custom paintings. I've seen people with custom flags that look amazing.

    That's P2W, we don't do that here. Bases being excused from inactivity deletion is one thing, if a player stops playing for a while but keeps donating it's understandable. But getting OP dinos and BPs for irl money is literally pay to win.

    And that's one of the reasons I'm making this suggestion. People already figured out how to break the dinos with stack overflows, not much reason to hold off on the mutator anymore. And the nanny, for me at least, seems like a QOL thing into the late game. Others might enjoy raising and imprinting 50 gigas at once, and that's perfectly fine, but I for one dread that thought :P

    But again, just a suggestion. I know it probably won't get far, but hey, I'll throw the idea out there. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

    Edit: not to say we should let mutators run amok, far from it. Just let them help us out a bit now and again.

    I'm neutral about nanny and mutation part of mutator. (not in favor of it being ez tho, high amounts of ele should be required per pulse)

    but having some of other functions of mutator like gender swap or changing dino variations like x-dino to aberrant or tek, those are very usefull functions that I'm really interested in but we probably won't get anyway. I don't know either too OP or cause problems/bugs/glitches down the road

    Personally I wouldn't enable the species or gender swap. The first is just pointless imo and the second I think makes stuff breedable that wouldn't be otherwise (or that could be a separate pulse, idk I've never used the mutator). But again, I'm just throwing the proposal out there to be considered.

    The nanny being very end game would take away one of the few grinds players there have, but against this argument I just want to use another one: you don't have to use it if you don't want to. And anyways, making it super hard to get means not many people will have it anyways. It won't collapse the market or magically make it easy for everyone to raise dinos, at most 4-5 tribes would have it with the crafting price I proposed. Or I could be entirely wrong and it would motivate the cluster to do every boss battle on alpha, who's to know.

    And for why I suggested the mutator as an event: so people don't have time to abuse it. In 2 days you'd get a few mutations, but not enough to break a dino. But it could be enough for people to get their dinos from great to awesome, and it would help drain some more GC out of the market from people that breed for muts and would want to speed up that process in the slightest. Or again, maybe it wouldn't.

    Okay so this is just a suggestion, please don't hate on me for it :P

    But I'm thinking maybe some of the blocked structures could be re-enabled with insane crafting costs. I'm talking one of each alpha boss trophies for a nanny or mutator for example (a bit extreme, but again it's just an example).

    As the vivarium and tek fridge proved, changing crafting recipes can help with either making it easier for players to get stuff or much, much harder. This way, players that are at the end game could lessen some of the grind, and give them something else to strive towards.

    But again, this is just a suggestion. It sounds good to me, but I'm sure you guys have great counter-arguments that I can't wait to hear.

    EDIT: Also the mutator could be enabled as a buyable event. Kinda' like the scanning event, but for mutations. All of its functions can be disabled via the ini, making it basically a decorative structure outside of the event. But that's just my two cents.

    Personally I'd say no as well. People with HDDs (like my tribemate) already take up to 10 minutes to log in, another mod will only make that worse and frustrate them more.