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    I'm not a member of the team, but here goes:

    Cryopods and cryofridges were disabled because we have the dino souls mod, and they can be used for exploits and to cheese caves.

    The normal dedi was disabled, but the SS one (or the N+ one after the wipe) aren't, you can still craft those. Reason being that the vanilla ones are cheaper and they convert to the modded versions after restarts, so people used this to circumvent high crafting costs for the modded variant.

    i would to ask is there is any chance that you guys will enable the element transfer btw maps. this time gacha is disabled right

    Yeah Gachas are disabled but we will not enable element transfer. We discussed this and with the latest boost of element rates for bosses we think it is a fair amount you get. We know it is easier to get element from extinction or genesis and it is okay if you use those maps to craft your tek structures but for every day use of element on other maps you need to do bosses.

    Is that in reference to bosses dropping tek structures and items, or will they drop more element as well?

    Also, while I'm asking about the bosses, will they only drop tek items that they unlock the tek engrams for? For example if you want a transmitter drop you have to fight the dragon?

    About the deco mods, I just checked them out and some of them have utility structures like hatcheries and generators and refrigerators. Anything in the deco mods that'll be disabled or will everything be available? Also are the crafting costs tweaked?

    It's not boosted, that would be against the concept. You still have to look for big fish, not sure how big since fishing is still in testing and polishing phase, but i was getting 100+ saddles from 1.8+ fish.

    That's still very good though. With limited crafts, people will run caves and OSDs more often, so a lot of competition. Fishing will offer an alternative way to get BPs this way, and there are good fishing spots on some maps.

    Also, did the team consider adding BP crates to the reward vault? It could be a good GC sink and with limited crafts it wouldn't be OP either. Or should I make this a suggestion post instead of a question here?

    My most fun moment:

    Me and my tribemate tamed a gigantopithecus and used it to play "shoot the duck". One of us used it to launch ourselves off a cliff, the other tried to shoot his airborne tribemate with a longneck. Was super fun, I highly recommend it.

    Strangest moment:

    I tamed a ferox when gen just came out. It was a Russian roulette of bugs. I thought "hmm, let's upload it to the marketplace, maybe that'll fix it". It didn't, the server crashed instead and the ferox duplicated. Was an interesting ticket to try and explain, but Gunnsen was very helpful.

    Most annoying ARKed moment:

    So many to choose from it's insane, but I'll go with this one. We went to the blue cave on abe with capped tek armor. It broke on our way out, but we had grappling hooks and climbing picks so we thought we'd be fine. Grappling hooks didn't work, so we resorted to the picks. Halfway up and out of the cave, the game decided "yeah you're clearly trying to mesh, no other reason to use the climbing pick". Insta-killed both me and my tribemate and deleted our inventories. Luckily the server crashed and needed a rollback, unluckily (is that even a word?) the last save was AFTER our tek armors broke. Attempted another climb via a different route, game still killed us and deleted our inventories. We were pissed for a few days.

    Also what about the bosses? Element will be super annoying without gachas, will the bosses have their drops slightly increased to make it worth farming them?

    Bosses will drop vanilla amount of Element, but they will also drop fishing rods and tek items.

    Interesting. Will the fishing be more useful? Or were the fishing rods added to bosses for another reason?

    if it's on an event server, then it would probably be better to have Admins + few randomly selected players defending the base. Making the raid harder and enjoyable on both sides.

    Maybe recruit some players from the PVP side? Or players that play on both? I for one suck at PVP, I'll admit it, and I'd hate it for them to randomly pick PVE players and end up with people like me xD


    Cluster Crash. Put the PVP players on the defense, the PVE players on the offense, and whichever cluster wins gets a cluster-wide prize. Events or something, idk.

    Here's some ideas on how this could work loot-wise. Have a huge base, turrets, dinos, etc, plus the admins defending it. Inside, there's only rooms with vaults and stuff, and you have to get in, break them, and run out with the loot inside them. The deeper inside the base you get, the better the loot.

    Would it be hectic? Chaotic? Would people profit by letting others fight and enter for the loot themselves? For sure. Would it be fun? In my opinion, yes. Just host this on the event server, and make it a free for all, like actual PVP is.

    All of that being said, I know that this would be hard to pull off with the admin team having their hands full with maintanance and stuff. This is just my suggestion, if it doesn't happen I'm still VERY greatful for this amazing cluster.