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    if it's on an event server, then it would probably be better to have Admins + few randomly selected players defending the base. Making the raid harder and enjoyable on both sides.

    Maybe recruit some players from the PVP side? Or players that play on both? I for one suck at PVP, I'll admit it, and I'd hate it for them to randomly pick PVE players and end up with people like me xD


    Cluster Crash. Put the PVP players on the defense, the PVE players on the offense, and whichever cluster wins gets a cluster-wide prize. Events or something, idk.

    Here's some ideas on how this could work loot-wise. Have a huge base, turrets, dinos, etc, plus the admins defending it. Inside, there's only rooms with vaults and stuff, and you have to get in, break them, and run out with the loot inside them. The deeper inside the base you get, the better the loot.

    Would it be hectic? Chaotic? Would people profit by letting others fight and enter for the loot themselves? For sure. Would it be fun? In my opinion, yes. Just host this on the event server, and make it a free for all, like actual PVP is.

    All of that being said, I know that this would be hard to pull off with the admin team having their hands full with maintanance and stuff. This is just my suggestion, if it doesn't happen I'm still VERY greatful for this amazing cluster.