Fjordur arriving at Ghost Division

Dear survivors,

we got very exciting news, seems like WildCard have finished their work. After thousand hours of testing, sleepless nights and balancing they managed to make the perfect DLC without any bugs or glitches or they did it as usual and give us a lot of "ARKed" - we will see. Anyways, at least Fjordur got an official release date

Fjordur release: June 12th.

We took a look at the feature list of this DLC and are stunned, this looks really promising. Tons of new stuff is waiting for us, lots of caves, new creatures, new bosses and a beautiful viking style setting. - This is definitely worth a HYPE!

As always we will add the map to our cluster as soon as possible. To make sure the game is fair and balanced with our concept we will have some special config settings until further notice:

  • Dino and item transfers will be disabled from and to the map. As usual we will open the transfers some weeks later, this will be announced seperately.
  • The max item values will be nerfed (max saddle armor will be 100, max weapon damage will be 250%). This is only active until we balanced all loot sources on Fjordur. Once we finished our loot tables the stat clamp will be the same as usual.
  • Voting rewards will not be available. As usual we will allow voting rewards some weeks later. ARc Bars exchange for trading will be available.
  • The auction house will not be connected to the rest of the cluster so the market on Fjordur is seperated.
  • As ususal all our Patrons (Apprentice tier or higher) will be whitelisted on the new map.

We are looking forward to play the new map with all of you. Please make sure to revisit our rules, especially on a new and crowded map it is most important to be polite and respectful, this includes removing unused structures.

But now it's time to start the hypetrain *ChooChoo*. We added a #fjordur-spoilers channel to our discord to disuss and share any information about the new map. Please don't share fake news, some players already have fears of being misinformed :-)

Here are some trailers and information about Fjordur.

Have fun,

Your Ghost Division Team

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