Community update

Dear Survivors,

Fjordur will be the last DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved and we are very excited about what it has to offer. We used the calm time before its release to give our cluster and homepage some love. We hope you enjoy the changes as much as we do, but now let's get to the details.

Our forum rework is almost complete now. The mobile version is still in progress and we might add additional content but for now we are happy with the result. As you've probably noticed, we've changed a few things:

  • Homepage: We slightly adjusted our homepage by adding important links so players can easily find their way.
  • Community: Everything regarding the community, like our forum is available here.
  • Support: In addition to our ticket system you can find guides and FAQs in our new support area.
  • Cluster-Info: There is also a big change in our cluster-info area. Everything you need to know about the project like rules or mods is summarized here. Especially for new players we added the cluster information part with an overview about settings, adjusted features and a concept page where we explain our vision of Ark and how we implemented it into our concept.

Take a look around, there's a lot to discover.

Probably the more interesting change for our loot hunting community is that we did another rework of our loot concept. With this we adjusted the probabilities for rare items and increased the overall loot quality, including bosses. This way we want to make the game more rewarding, it's still challenging to find a rare blueprint with nice stats but they will be more common now. We are also prepared to adjust Fjordurs loot table as soon as possible and during that process we will also add all new items to our current loot tables.

Last but not least we also changed our building rules. On the one hand we added Extinction city terminals to the list of places that must not be blocked. The other change we made was about our cave list. It is now allowed to build in any cave that does not contain any loots or artifacts. You must still abide by the rule about ressource blocking though.

Have fun with the changes and the upcoming DLC.

Your Ghost Division Team