GHOST DIVISION - SEASON 3 Remastered - Starting Friday 6pm UTC


Starting 19 June 2020 - 6 PM UTC

Dear PvP Community,

after we had some really good meetings and got a lot of feedback we are ready to share all the details about the next PvP Season starting this Friday! We are confident all the input you gave us resulted in the most enjoyable settings we ever had. So gather up your mates, get ready for some sleepless nights and optimize your startup strategy, this is gonna be huge! Also spread the word to make sure you have enough beach bobs to grief!

The PVP settings will be as follows:


Ragnarok Aberration Extinction The Center Crystal Isles

More maps will be added if the server population is healthy enough

Server Rates

6x Harvesting 10x Breeding 6x XP 6x Taming


Super Structures StackMeMore Dino Storage (replacing Cryopods) TC Auto Rewards

Server Plugins

Offline Raid Protection (MAGA) Tribe Log Relay Tribe Slot Cooldown Advanced Dino Colors

Adjusted Rules

We tried to make our ruleset lighter and therefore easier to remember. Building is now allowed anywhere on the maps as long as you can reach the spot without using bugs or glitches. It's also allowed to have 3 more areas than before, those areas are limited to 20 structures and no turrets are allowed.

Offline Raid Protection

Tribes will be able to protect two areas with ORP, granting 4x structure resistance and 4x turret damage instead of a full ORP. You can craft and build the ORP structure with level 1 for 1 Thatch.

Tribe Log Relay

You can create a webhook to your personal Discord and add it ingame to your tribe. Every new tribe log entry will be pushed to your Discord that way and you will never miss an important event like dinos dying, getting raided or just the birth of your new monstrosities. Use /TLR <Discord Webhook> to set up your Discord webhook via ingame chat.

Other Settings

160 Base Levels 15 Ascension Levels 5 Chibi Levels 1 Extinction Level Max Player Level 181

150 Max Turrets

6 Tribe Members (No Alliances)

1 arc bar per hour in game time

SS Nanny Enabled with 50% maximal imprint

Voting Rewards will be enabled after 7 days of new settings going live

Item Stat Clamp Enabled

Nerved element farming on Extinction Buffed element farming on Center

Gachas disabled

Disabled Super Structures

Auto Crafter AutoTurret Ballista AutoTurret Cannon

AutoTurret Flame AutoTurret Minigun AutoTurret Plant

AutoTurret Rocket AutoTurret Tranq Blueprint Maker

Ceiling Repulser Charge Injector Charge Station

Converter Gacha Gavager Gas Collector Tek Mutator

Incinerator Inventory Assistant Item Translocator

Planet Shield Tek ATV Tek Forcefield Tek Forge

Tek Stove Trapdoor Moonpool Underwater Cube

Underwater Cube Sloped Underwater Moonpool Underwater Tool

Underwater Door All SS XL Structures SS Turrets (Regular Ones)