Reward Vault Rework - Phase 1

Dear Co-Survivors,

today we refilled our reward vaults on the PvE cluster (PvP will follow up). Some changes of our rework were already applied:

  • All packs have been organized in categories
  • All dinos (except those of Genesis) were added to the vault
  • All saddles, tools, weapons and armors are available
  • All items are at the cap of that specific item now. In return the prices were increased from previously 35GC to now 50GC
  • Currently you cannot buy any creature on Aberation, please use other maps to do thoe purchases.

Have fun with our slightly reworked vault,

Your Ghost Division Team

    Comments 4

    • and imprinter gun? :D

    • when does rewards added on pvp server?

    • Okay so items are at the cap regarding damage, but what about durability? Is that random or also at the cap? Is there even a cap for that? Just asking cause I'd love to buy a longneck at the cap, plus a few more things.

    • Hi guys!

      About the purchase of items from the vault, it says max quantity for an item is 1. Will this be reset with every purchase/server restart/etc or is it EXCLUSIVELY a one time purchase deal? Either way, it is possible to exploit this by simply consuming the bars on another character and using them to buy stuff. Any clarity regarding the same would be welcome. Thanks!