PvP Wipe and PvE Genesis 2

Hello survivors!

we are very excited to see so many people enjoying the new ARK: Survival Evolved - Genesis Part 1 DLC. Because of the extreme high demand, we decided to open another PvE Genesis server. This second PvE Genesis server will launch on Friday, 28. February 2020 (tomorrow) at 8pm GMT+1. We highly recommend new players to start on this new Genesis server. We believe that this is the best way to give players enough building spots and a stable environment to play the new DLC. Both Genesis servers will have a linked auction house.

In addition, at the same time tomorrow (8pm GMT+1), we will wipe the current PvP cluster. With this wipe, we will also add a PvP Genesis server. We expect the PvP cluster to go down around 12pm tomorrow to prepare for the wipe.

The IP information for the two new Genesis servers (PvE and PvP) will be announced before launch.

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    • What is the long term vision for Genesis servers? Maintain 1 & 2 for ... ? Just curious, in terms of setting up and everything on the 2nd one, if it will be wiped/removed after some time, or if both Genesis would be wiped and replaced by just one server, after the initial flurry has died down?

    • Do you want to Forbid the new tekclaws??? They are to strong.