PvE Cluster Update

Dear survivors,

after many months of preparation, testing, & research by the Ghost Division team we are pleased to announce some big changes to the PVE Cluster, and a new home for our servers! Currently we run on a single root server which hosts all our maps but next week we will move to a brand new, state of the art root cluster network! Yes, you heard it right, the days when all maps had to share one root server are over, and we are going to be leading the way in innovation and network infrastructure to bring you probably the best cluster outside of the official network!

In order to be able to cope with the demands that ARK brings, we have switched from a single root, to a three-root independent system, which we have linked to each other like the official servers do. In doing this we will be future proofing our I.T infrastructure and can finally offer you the optimal performance, and the experience you all dream of having when playing Ark!

With the added performance and stability this new setup will bring, we can finally expand our cluster and offer all official maps. This means, Valguero will finally celebrate his debut to Ghost Division, and Scorched Earth will make its long-awaited comeback to the cluster! In order to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity on the new maps, the transfer to the map’s will be limited to character’s only for the first 4-6 weeks, but it will be possible to take the unique dinosaurs & resources off these maps back to the current maps in the cluster. We can’t wait to see an army of Phoenixes and Deinonychus in our cluster!

We are also realizing a long-term dream to host our very own Event server. Our event managers, who we are currently recruiting for, will have the sole responsibility to provide you with fun events and cool prizes on a regular basis. All further information about the event server will follow soon, so please keep an eye on our discord channel.

If this wasn’t enough, we are also planning to integrate the new Genesis DLC into the cluster when it is realised! After this, our cluster will provide all eight official maps and give you the full ARK experience. And what about PvP? A legitimate question that we are already looking into. After our PvE move is complete, our engineering team will immediately go to work to find a new home for our fantastic PvP cluster. Further information will follow and our loyal PvP players will certainly not be left out of these exciting developments.

So, that’s it for now, please keep an eye on our twitter page and discord channel for more information as its released. This is a very exciting and ground-breaking time for everyone at Ghost Division and we want everyone to be a part of it!

Best regards,

Your Ghost Division Team

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