New Hardware, PvE Extinction & more!

Hello survivors,

today we would like to inform you about some upcoming changes of the PvE cluster. Please read these carefully and inform your teammates so that they do not miss the important changes listed below:

In the night from Friday, 07.12.2018 to Saturday, 08.12.2018 (german time), we will make extensive hardware changes. In this context, the IP address of the PvE server will also change as we will be working with a new host in the future. Of course, all player data will be transmitted and will be retained. The game experience will not change. To make the transition as straightforward as possible, we ask you to add the new IP addresses to your favorites. Until the conversion, however, the new servers are still offline or password protected:

  • PvE The Island
  • PvE The Center
  • PvE aberration
  • PvE Ragnarok
  • PvE Extinction

In addition, we have prepared the following changes for you. They will be implemented at the same time as the hardware conversion:

  • The cuddle interval will be raised from 0.1 to 0.2 (community suggestion by Ragemode)
  • Spyglass will be re-added to PvE Extinction again as server stability has improved significantly
  • PvE Extinction will get its own auction house that is seperated from the rest of the PvE cluster
  • Voting Rewards will now also be available on PvE Extinction
  • Taking items and dinos with you to PvE Extinction will be unlocked; conversely, it remains locked

Finally, we would like to thank you again for your support through the daily votes and your many donations that make changes such as the hardware change possible!

The Ghost Division Team


-Server Owner-

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    • I tried to join the server using directions I found on Google about how to join an Ip on Ark didn't work. Cant get in the discord chat to ask. For some reason the invite never works for me. So I guess until further notice I'm f*#ked.

    • Thanks for the news and a great experience i just love playing on Ragnorok still a noob but enjoying it so much.

      as an old age pensioner i can pop on at odd times of the day and night he

      again thank you for a great time

    • Wonderful news =)

      You guys are awesome, so happy I found my way to GD.

      - Caar