Happy holidays from Ghost Division

Dear Ghost-Division-Community,

the last days of 2018 descend and the entire team wishes happy holidays and best wishes for 2019.

A lot happened this year and we had pretty much everything from the revision of the PvE cluster, new mods and DLC, over patch problems to hardware changes. We'd like to thank everyone warm-heartedly for their loyalty and vigorous efforts that helped to make these things happen.

Like most people we'll let the year come to an end calmly and brace our energies for 2019. Therefore please notice that the support for tickets will take longer than usual as we spend time with family and friends.

We'll see us as lively as ever again in 2019.

Happy holidays and a happy new year from Ghost-Division.


-Server Owner-

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    • you guys to and the server is really good

    • I have been playing here with my friend Posidon far 1.5 weeks now and i also like the server a lot. The mods are awesome not to many so is still like vanilla but with the good twist :). Thnx for all the good and hard work guys!

    • New player here, I've only be playing Ark for a week and this server is so great! Lots of lovely people, great uptimes and perfect mod configuration. Thanks so much for your effort!

      <3 Andrew

      • <3

    • All have a blessed new years eve and a merry X-mass to ya all :)

      grtz from holland

      • <3

    • I like turtles

      • We love turtles too <3

    • happy new year and merry x-mass too all peeps on the ghost division server

      • <3