​Big PVE Cluster Update: Ingame-Currency & Shop & Dino Preview

  • Hello GD Community,
    today we're implementing another big update for the PVE Cluster.

    New Mods:

    Ingame-Currency and Shop activated!

    You can convert your Ghost Coins into our new in game currency called "ARC BARS". Those bars can be used to purchase voting rewards in game at the new shop.

    Furthermore you'll be able to trade them with other players face-to-face or via the auction house (ARC BARS have been enabled as additional payment option).

    To receive the new in game currency we ask you to open a ticket here -> https://the-ghost-division.com/ticketsystem/ticket-add/

    1. Subject: Exchange Ghostcoins -> ARC BARS
    2. Amount:
    3. Charactername:
    4. Server:

    The minimum amount for an exchange is 100 Ghost Coins. Ghost Coins and ARC BARS have a one-to-one exchange rate.

    A detailed guide to the new currency system & mod can be found further down below.

    Auction House Addon: Dino Preview

    Other Changes

    - Adjusted prices (lowered) for ascendant item of your choice.

  • Where to find the new ingame shop?

    Build the "reward vault" (learnable at lvl 5) and place it on a wall (we recommend to use a normal 1-high wall, not the large or xl ones)

    Open the reward vault and click on "Reward Menu" in the middle.

    ARC BARS: Physical Currency & Account Currency

    You can see your ARK BARS account balance in the reward menu

    You can buy rewards from the in game shop if you got enough ARK BARS available in your account.

    If you want to trade with a player or buy an item/dino from the auction house - you need the ARK BARS as physical currency. Just use the exchange function in the reward menu to do so.

    After the purchase you have the ARC BARS in your vault and can use them for trading with other players or buying stuff at the auction house.

    Simply use them in your inventory (E key) to credit the ARC BARS to your account.

    Important information

    • The Dino-Summon tickets have a spoil timer of 15mins. So use the ticket right after the purchase!
    • Before using the Dino Summon ticket, make sure that you have your Tribe tame limit free - otherwise you may lose the dinosaur.
    • Dino Summon tickets may not be traded in the Auction House (uploading to the Auction House will break the Dino Summon Ticket and the Dino cant be spawned).
    • Dinos/items lost through bugs/server crashes will not be replaced - these include the ARC BARS.
    • The maximum amount of ARK BARS per account/player is 10.000. All ARK BARS consumed beyond that limit will be lost.
  • We rearranged the reward packs. Now there are all individual parts of one kind in a category.

    Important: You can only select one item per purchase. If you want to buy more than one piece you have to make the purchase several times. Please make sure that you have entered the 1 at the correct item and set the others to 0.